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A lonely government archive clerk suffers from hallucinatory fantasies during her monotonous work day. A series of sensual images slowly becomes a paranoia-filled nightmare, in which a deadly figure chases her through the corridors.

A travel experience, an encounter with other codes and other gods in a contemporary Lithuania. In the country where legends and pagan practices have survived the influence of the Catholic religion and later the Soviet bloc to feed a folklore still tenacious, weighs the strange sensation of presences belonging to another world.

Stephen lives a solitary life. A loner. A man who keeps himself to himself and is governed by routine and order. All things have there place and for good reason as a dark secret lurks beneath his feet, but not everything is as it seems.

In a house by a river that lamented as it ran, lived a father and his daughter and a dog-headed man. A murder ballad. Based on a poem by Helen Adam.

An elderly couple lives happily after a long life of prosperity. As every morning, the old man lovingly makes breakfast for his wife and takes it to her bed. The reflection of the reality the woman is living (and she has lived all her life) arrives in an unexpected way. She has, finally, managed to open her eyes.


Rumors of demonic possession at a religious convent prompts a church investigation into the strange goings-on among its nuns. A disaffected priest and his neophyte are confronted with temptation, bloodshed and a crisis of faith.


A low-budget horror movie director gets in touch with an eccentric who tries to film him while high on drugs.

Asmodeus: the worst of demons (Asmodaios) or the king of the earthly spirits (Ashmedai). Asmodeus: lust. A movie ritual, an experimental gory self-portrait, a journey towards enlightenment, loaded with occult imagery, played by Falardeau, where a man invokes and meets three different woman-like incarnations of the lustful demon.

Nadia comes to Valladolid to work as a foreign au pair, in order to improve her level Spanish. As part of her job, she will have to take care of Nestor and teach him French for the four weeks that his father will be away from home. But Nestor is a bad-tempered pre-teen, with serious problems with Molière's language and extremely violent reactions.

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It tells the story of two young brother and sister who have to endure unfathomable difficulties in their struggle to stay together. Initially, the brothers live an idyllic life with their mother in a rustic cabin in a remote mountainous region. But when their mother dies, they are left to their own devices. Fearing the possibility of being separated, since neither of them is of legal age, they decide to bury their mother without notifying the authorities, thus leaving them at the mercy of nature and their neighbors in the village. When the sister is violently assaulted, the brothers are forced to grow up quickly in order to survive and stay together.

A dreadful evil force interrupts a therapy session of a psychologist with a mentally disturbed teenage girl who has a dark and enigmatic past. Having trouble in differentiating reality and hallucination, she is force to listen to the evil force which leads to a chain of unsettling events.

A 19th century, agrarian mother must take a dark risk to save her children.

Electronic musician Andy and aspiring singer Lela are haunted by nightmares and visions that neither understands. Ghostly apparitions, mysterious and archaic structures, bizarre and unearthly chanting, frightening instances of déjà vu, all begin to intrude on their waking lives, prompting them to embark on parallel journeys in search of answers.

Festival programmers face a battle to find out who is the geekiest. This year second semifinal: Fantosfreak VS Cryptshow

In a post-apocalyptic world, 2 young men in search of food. But they are not the only ones ...


Leo, a psychopath, conceives a progressive fascination for Bilbao, a striptease dancer who works as a prostitute to make ends meet. Leo follows Bilbao at all hours, studies her movements and ends up kidnapping her, as if she were one more object to add to her erotic collection. A story of love and possession.

A woman in a downhearted mood struggles to keep up appearances in front of her chirpy and driven office colleagues. An encounter with a dying roach in the office toilet develops into an absurd friendship, becoming the comforting companionship she needs until she realizes its destructive effects on her life.

Locked in her deceased mother's rundown house, Mia is desperately trying to contact her. As she moves from ritual to ritual, she accidentally opens the doorway to an evil and very familiar presence...

As winter approaches, an exclusive Golf Club hires a Multinational biotech whose "revolutionary" fertilizer melts the snow and genetically modifies the grass so its affluent members can play golf all year round. The result is the contamination of the water which ultimately transforms most of the residents into Zombies. One of the few survivors, teenage boy André, watches as the infection rapidly spreads, leaving him alone with his baby sister Annie. Along with Dan, the community security guard and self-proclaimed survivalist, they embark on an adventure that takes them to the source of the contamination. In a race against the clock, they band together to find the cure before everyone they love turns into grass.

"Burn" is a film essay on body wear and acceleration. Different bodies enter a vicious circle of ill-treatment and madness that will eventually transform the matter in them. Through allegory and visual metaphors, the short aims to show certain ideas such as capitalism, the consumer society, the society of fatigue and other derived concepts. A mix of genres; a kind of body horror with elements of fantasy, including video dance, building the entirety of this film essay. Are you ready to burn?


A lonely nomad suffering from memory loss takes a job caring for a woman with psychological problems in an abandoned house on a remote island.

While moving in, a young woman finds a strange toy that will bring her back childhood memories.


This workshop aims at fostering children’s imagination through a fun and creative activity. In this activity, attendants will create their own personal Festival poster with reused materials and explore collage and graffiti techniques. Activity for 2 years old or older children. Sunday, November 7th, 11.30 - 13.30 h, at the Pista de La Peni (Molins de Rei) Free activity. No previous inscription required (limited capacity) Further Information:

Traveling down a desolate road through an endless valley, Alan and Jill stop their vehicle to take their teenage children on a New Zealand nature hike. When they stop for a snack, two homeless people appear out of nowhere and surround the peaceful family. In an unexpected act of violence, they kidnap the family, which unleashes a series of events from which there is no escape.

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Film soundtracks played live by the Molins de Rei music school. ROPE CADENCE ORCHESTRA Candyman Philip Glass 2.00 MIN Rosemary's baby lullaby Krzysztof Komeda 1.56 MIN Suspiria Theme Goblin 2.13 MIN Halloween John Carpenter 2.30 MIN WIND CADENCE ORCHESTRA La vida és bella Nicola Piovani 2.50 MIN Highlights from Harry Potter John Williams 4.00 MIN


Concurs de Microrelats de Terror 2021 “Premi Especial Instituts” Nova edició del Concurs de Microrelats de Terror organitzat pel Festival de Cinema de Terror i la Biblioteca el Molí dedicat als relats que s’integren en el gènere del terror. Es premien els millors microrelats (màxim de 1.000 caràcters) en llengua catalana i en llengua castellana. L’objectiu del concurs és fomentar la creació literària i el gust per la literatura de terror d’autors clàssics i contemporanis. Consulteu les beses a: Activitat disponible fins al 5 de novembre. Més informació:

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Talk about the counterculture in the 60's / 70's in all its aspects. Speakers: Miki Espuma (La fura dels baus) Fermín Muguruza (Kortatu, Negu Gorriak) Morfi Grei (La banda trapera del rio) Moderator: Susana Soldado

A horde of murderous crab monsters descend on a sleepy coastal town on Prom night, and only a ragtag group of outcasts can save the day.


Realizing the urban legend of their youth has actually come true; two filmmakers delve into the mystery surrounding five missing children and the real-life boogeyman linked to their disappearances.

A group of angel-like creatures lives in perfect symbiosis with their environment. When a man and a woman break into their boring and regulated world, their lives are shattered forever.


A documentary that pays tribute to the horror genre, a nostalgic and intense journey with the spirit of rock, to the universe of cinema, the passion of fantasy told by its specialists, fans and world stars. An entire international spiritual community twinned under the cathartic shadow of horror.

Session with the friends of the Cutrecon Festival in Madrid, False trailer, surprise movie and many more crazy things. Before the screening we will see the short film Oscar, presented by its director.

In the 1960s, a nurse's last day is ruined when a doctor inadvertently creates a cystic monster that terrorizes the office.

Panel of producers with experience in subsidies that will explain how it is produced in Argentina, with special emphasis on the casuistry of international Ibero-American co-production. This activity is part of the I Argentina-Spain Co-Production Forum and is exclusively for those attending the Forum and people accredited to the Industry Days 2021

Panel of producers with experience in subsidies that will explain how it is produced in Spain, with special emphasis on the casuistry of international Ibero-American co-production. This activity is part of the I Argentina-Spain Co-Production Forum and is exclusively for those attending the Forum and people accredited to the Industry Days 2021

From the creators of Mr. Pickles and Concrete Cowboy comes the story of a group of friends who leave the city to camp in the woods, disconnect, and eat shrooms. It's all fun and games until they become hunted by cans of Liquid Death who are dead-set on recycling their souls.

An ambitious vlogger experiences the dark side of the internet when his latest video goes viral.

In a world that is melting and disappearing, a police inspector pieces together witness accounts of the strange lady who developed an algorithm to re-boot the world.


What begins as a meeting of devotees of "bad cinema", with the mythical Uruguayan 'Act of violence in a young journalist' as the center and with testimonies from Daniel Hendler (among others), becomes an investigation about its elusive director with unexpected consequences.

After a routine prison transfer crashes in the forest, young Inuit paramedic Melina finds herself surrounded by murderers with a mere 100 feet to climb out of a ditch to escape. When they are attacked by an unseen force in the forest, Melina's short journey to safety becomes the ultimate contest of wills.

A piano player tries to bring his wife back to life, but the deal awakens the devil inside him.

Sometimes evil can come in the most innocent way.

Millions of mysterious alien "doors" suddenly appear all over the world. In a rush to determine the reason for their arrival, humanity must work together to understand the purpose of these cosmic anomalies.

Dystopia is a short horror film that moves between the fantasy of a young girl and the fantasies that social networks feed us. In an abandoned hangar, a gang of beauty addicts frantically searches through a collection of members. Their mission is to piece together a man who will please Mama Joan, their Frankensteinian leader.


Benito Freire is a peddler who lives miserably in an environment dominated by ignorance and superstition. He is a street vendor in the Galician towns and suffers from severe epilepsy attacks. The rumor begins to spread around the region that he is a werewolf and that he is possessed by a demonic spirit. And it is precisely the stories that are told about him that begin to drive him crazy.


Documentary about the importance of Sound in cinema and more specifically in Horror cinema. Through the testimony of technicians and artists of sound editing, Foley FX, music and montage, we will discover the importance of it.


"The Last Call", an old rock band, has been a finalist in a battle of the bands for the first time in their career. The day of the final has arrived but the singer and the sound technician are mysteriously missing. A tantalizing call to fame and an unfinished business with enemies from the past will put them to the test, and if they don't fix everything before time runs out, they may never be able to catch ... The Last Train to Rock and Roll.

Shirin has just moved into a semi-detached house on the outskirts of town with her partner Fredrik and his son, Lucas. When Fredrik is away from work, strange sounds begin to come from the other uninhabited part of the house. And Lucas suddenly out of nowhere has a new "best friend."

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Jill has a pretty big fixation on her weight, and having a sexy and socially successful roommate like Jennifer doesn't help at all. His obsession to be like her will be accentuated as time passes, until it becomes something as obsessive as it is dangerous.

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Exists is the first film that Sánchez shoots in the first person since "The Blair Witch", and will explain how a group of friends embark on a trip to the remote forests of Texas for a weekend of fun and end up being hunted by 1 bigfoot

Alex is left alone for the weekend to renovate a room for his and his wife's unborn child. Soon, a baby monitor starts to play him horrifying sounds about his future failures as a father.

Diego Corsini and Mariana Cangas, both from the CineWorld SRL production company, explain their experience with the Argentine-Spanish production “Pasaje de Vida” as well as with other Ibero-American co-productions that have premiered in the past. This activity is part of the I Argentina-Spain Co-Production Forum and is exclusively for those attending the Forum and people accredited to the Industry Days 2021


Film workshop for children: “My first Horror scene”, with Quim Crusellas, audiovisual director. Fourth edition of the film workshop for children “My first Horror scene” with the objective of introducing the kids into cinematographic creation and exploring the prototypical elements of horror films. This will give children an opportunity to implement and shoot a scene (in sequence shot) with some of the prototypical elements of horror films. Activity for 8 years old or older children. Organization by the public library El Molí. With the collaboration of Molins Horror Film Festival Saturday, November 6th, 10.00 - 12.30 h Biblioteca el Molí. Assembly hall Free activity with previous inscription: Further information:

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A horror-obsessed boy discovers his older brother is a serial killer.


Fulci talks uncut conversation with Lucio Fulci by Antonietta De Lillo is a ride through the cinema of the 'gorefather' Lucio Fulci, nicknamed also 'the genre terrorist', a director that went from the comedies to the thrillers, from the spaghetti western to the horror movies. It is a 'journey' through the Italian and the international movies he made, he knew, loved and, occasionally, he criticized too with a well-owned sense of humor and a smart mouth. Antonietta De Lillo, after 30 years from an in-dept interview she did with Fulci, done with the film critic Marcello Garofalo, brings to light this rare and precious shooting and creates the unexpected portrait of a great and refined 'craftman of cinema'.

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Once a year, estranged brothers Michael and Peter make a reluctant pilgrimage to the old fairground yard where their friend Sam went missing when they were boys. Both men's' lives are colored by what happened the day their friend was sucked inside the Ghost Train, never to return. This year, Michael has something to tell Peter that will cast fresh light on the incident, something that will change their lives even more than that fateful day 30 years ago

Greetings from Tromaville follows the history of Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment. Lloyd, along with his partner Michael Herz, founded the independent film company Troma in 1974.

When a terrible disease begins to spread through the corridors of a hotel, a couple of victims try to fight for survival and escape the dark corridor of a horrible carnage.

A young boy is trapped in a Gingerbread House which underneath hides a gloomy world, while his mother is desperately trying to find the gate that will take him out of there.

A couple who in the past ran over a little girl and ran away, get stick in a terrible revenge plan. When they leave their daughter at a pajama party they get locked down at the basement of the building. There's no way out, they are trapped.

Who wouldn't give their all for a child? A mother sees an opportunity to escape the hardships of a life of poverty by selling her organs to a sick, very rich, elderly neighbor. And she hands over her own flesh in exchange for gold. Little by little, necessity gives way to a craving for more gold.

A filmmaker's lifelong dream becomes a 'nightmare' when he puts his life savings on the line to make a low budget horror film about an aborted fetus that seeks revenge on its family.

Luna washes her hands while everything collapses.

Somewhere foggy. It turns out that this is a place in a VR game played by Jeong-Im. The purpose of the game is to find a house in an unfamiliar place. Jeong-Im begins to enjoy the game in the game, and finally arrives home, but the game does not end.

A child is being tormented by a voracious well demanding food from him. But as he proves unable to satisfy its hunger, he drags himself to find another way of feeding it.

A struggling filmmaker realizes that the ability to make a movie is the same as to commit the perfect murder

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Boy meets girl and everything is going great. The only catch is that he is a serial killer, and isn't sure if the woman will be the love of his life or his next victim.

As the world searches for a cure for a disastrous virus, a scientist and a ranger go deep into a forest to conduct scientific tests. As night falls, the journey will turn into a terrifying journey through the heart of deepest darkness, with the forest coming to life all around you.

INAUGURACIÓ DE L’EXPOSICIÓ Inauguració de l’exposició a càrrec de l’Alcalde de Molins de Rei, la Regidora de Cultura i el comissari de l’exposició, Bernat Segura. Dia: DIVENDRES 29 OCTUBRE Hora: 19.00 h Lloc: Sala d’exposicions de Ca n’Ametller Aforament limitat. Entrada gratuïta.

A mysterious old woman who claims to be a 400-year-old vampire, and a con man who tries to swindle her out of money. What will happen at the end?

INDUSTRY ACTIVITIES | Offline & online

Organized as a meeting point between emerging filmmakers of horror and fantasy genre, and the film industry, the purpose of these Industry Days is to offer new authors a conducive space for creating networks, exchanging and improving knowledge, and maturing of projects. You can participate with your own project or without it, and its program consists of talks and workshops designed for filmmakers, where other professionals share their experience and knowledge. Also a Pitching of Projects to production companies, previously selected and accompanied. The Industry Days are a non-profit event made possible year after year, since 2010, thanks to the enthusiastic and altruistic collaboration of artists, professionals, companies and entities of the film industry. The current event format, however, has its origin in 2016, and it is quickly being confirmed as a proposal of high interest both for filmmakers and participating companies, as well as for the attending public. PROGRAMA 2021:

Hidden in the dark, you can't feel any presence, and when you realise it is too late... you are caught!

Sleepless nights can be dangerous.

Shortly after moving in together, a young man begins to suspect his boyfriend of infidelity as he uncovers clues around their apartment while trying to catch a monstrous spider.


Jacinto is a nine-year-old boy locked in the body of a man in his early fifties. He lives with his elderly parents in Mallou, a ruined town in the middle of the Lugo mountains. They are the only three inhabitants left. Jacinto has manufactured a fantasy world in which he is the absolute king, but everything changes with the arrival of a new couple of neighbors: Alex and Ana, two dark black metal artists from Sweden in search of a quiet place to record the new album by his band "Tardigrades".


Married to a small town priest, Anne feels her life has shrunk in the last 30 years. Finding "The Master" gives you a new sense of power and a desire to live more risky. However, the changes in his life bring with them a significant amount of corpses.

A child-minded man named Johan (Norberto Trujillo), is guided by the voice of his father (Jose Luis de Madariaga) to defeat the demons that have taken over their town and save it. However, whether his father can be trusted is something that Johan is not yet certain of.

Prepare your favorite drink and tune your voice. End of the party in style

A fateful chain of events begins to unravel after two brash insurance salespeople knock on the wrong door and find themselves trapped in a stranger's basement.


A teenage girl who works as a domestic servant is haunted by the spirit of the previous servant. She will try to discover the secret after his death.

In 1954, with an already promising track record on stage, Helga Liné debuted in Spain's theatre scene. From the 60s and on the German actress lived a blooming career on cinema. Peplum, thriller, comedy, spaghetti western, eurospy, adventure… no genre would avoid her, and due to her contribution to fantastique and horror movies, she became La Dama del Fantaterror.

A shared van in which a man and three women travel runs over a tourist who is walking in the darkness of a secondary road. After putting her in the vehicle to take her to the nearest hospital, they begin to observe that she has a strange behavior. From that moment on, the occupants of the old van quickly understand that it is time to save or die and that they have a clear rule: "DO NOT SIT NEXT TO HER."

A woman. A man. A blade. Is death orgasmic?

Summoned to his soon-to-be demolished childhood home, Mason discovers a video camera that can see into the past, driving him to record as many memories as possible before the doomed house is destroyed. Utilizing the director’s actual home movies and casting real life family members to play fictionalized versions of themselves, LandLocked combines narrative and documentary with horror and fantasy to create a movie unlike any other.


Sol, a 17-year-old teenager, moves with her mother to the Gonzalo’s home, the actual mother’s boyfriend. In this town, where from the beginning Sol only finds hostility, she must face bullying from her schoolmates and Gonzalo's harassment. While wandering the streets trying to find a way out, Sol meet a mysterious and magical female dog with whom she establish a symbiotic relationship. It be this dog, the one that violently and surprisingly, always appear to defend Sol until the last consequences.

Double session of Latin shorts out of competition by the El Santiago Horror Film festival and Blood Window. Santiago Horror Film Festival: -Inguma -Benditos demonios -Fragmentos del alma -La Mejor mama del mundo -Phobos Blood Window: -Una Sombra en el brillo del nácar -Conexión -Zoe -Limbo

A car slowly emerges from the deep dark night. Midnight approaches. The silhouette of a man appears at the road’s border and another car suddenly bursts out of the night…

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Rachel, a rookie cop, is about to start her first night shift at the police station in a quiet town. An enigmatic stranger is detained in one of the cells. From his confinement, the charismatic recluse will begin to mold the minds of his fellow inmates and even that of police officers. Influence them so that they can abandon themselves to the evil that is latent in their inner demons exploding in a night full of blood and chaos. Only Rachel is able to resist him ... Can she survive?

A young man trapped in a soul-destroying job becomes obsessed with playing an old claw machine in a night market, not realising that the ‘Prize’ he is trying to win is more terrifying than he can imagine.


Presentation of several genre books accompanied by a good vermouth. With the participation of: Josep María Luzan Xavi Sánchez Pons Javier Parra Sebastià D'Arbó Antonio j. Navarro Alex Aguilera

Conducting a series of experiments in his makeshift home-lab, a skeptic IT worker tries to cure his harrowing hearing impairment. But where will his research lead him? "Masking Threshold" combines a chamber play, a scientific procedural, an unpacking video, and a DIY YouTube channel while suggesting endless vistas of existential pain and decay. Glimpse the world of the nameless protagonist in this eldritch tale, which is by no means for the faint of heart.

In order to find a serial killer online, Kaya enters the dark web. She finds a Horror game that knows her inside out.

In the near future, Manila is an almost-Utopian city where people disappear after being caught out in mysterious blackouts that happen in random parts of the city after midnight. Four friends who think it's all a hoax find themselves in the middle of one. They're about to find out what really lurks in the strange darkness. If they make it through the night.

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A man is on vacation with his wife and two children in a forest when an unexpected guest arrives. Before you know what happens, you will find yourself cut off from your family. When he begins to find several alarm clocks planted throughout the forest, he knows that he has to fight against time if he wants his family to survive.

Do you want to spend a different day at TerrorMolins with horror and mystery table games? Come to the playful days of Molins Horror Games on November 7 at the basement of El Molí. Enjoy lots of fun proposals with the whole family, friends or with the same publishers who visit us. We are visited by Synergic Games with the advanced demo of Harakiri: Blades of Honor, Tempo Games with Runaljod: The sound of the runes; the game of the publisher DMZ Adele and its designer Alberto Reyes; the publisher of recent creation Bumble3ee Interactive and its games arrived from Kickstarter; the author David Velasco will visit us to show all his novelties linked to his last book-game Expediente Annunaki and the game of Mas que Oca, Cave Evil; the designer Lluis Collelldemont and other authors of the association Ludo; Token Synapse and 2 Tomatoes with Stress Botics; Pak Gallego, editor and designer of GdM with many of his novelties; the next game Trepanation from the publisher Games4gamers and many other surprises. We will also have games from Zombie Paella, Asmodee, Maldito Games, TCG Factory, Sd games, Ravensburger, Devir, Mercurio, 2 Tomatoes, GenX, Invedars, Melmac Games, Ludonova, Eclipse Editorial, Last Level, Ediciones Primigenio... Moreover, we will have all day a shop specialized in tabletop games where you can buy terrifying games: Júpiter Juegos Barcelona. * Harakiri: Blades of Honor: * Runaljod: The sound of runes: * ADELE: * David Velasco: * Libro Juego Brujería: * Cave Evil: * Franky: * Agus y los monstruos: * Asesinato en la Mansión Cthulhu: * Trepanation: * Ekonos: * Stress Botics: * Editorial Bumble3ee Interactive: * Editorial 2 Tomatoes: * Editorial Do It: * Editorial Tranjis: * Editorial Mercurio: * Grup editor Asmodee: * Editorial Devir:

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Two friends try executing their 'get-rich-quick' plan by kidnapping their boss's daughter, but when the plan falls apart, they must scramble to fix the situation and repair their friendship.


Mostra de Curtmetratges de Terror per a Instituts 2021 Projecció d’una selecció dels millors curtmetratges presentats a competició a la Secció Oficial de la passada edició del Festival. Els curtmetratges exhibits se seleccionen tenint en compte els criteris de qualitat, representativitat i adequació al públic. Respectant el protocol COVID-19 vigent, la projecció de curtmetratges serà en línia i s’acompanyarà d’un dossier didàctic. També s’ofereix la possibilitat de gaudir d’una masterclass a l’aula sobre el Festival. Activitat disponible del 25 d’octubre al 12 de novembre. Més informació:

After her mother’s death, Kim finds solace in wearing her mother’s old sweater. However, the sweater begins to itch and even hurt her, but she still can’t bring herself to take it off.

After the accidental death of her 4 year old son, a mother battles with her inner fears and demons as she come to terms with the fact that her older son is responsible for this tragedy.

Night of the Living Dicks is a short black and white horror comedy about Venla, who’s fed up with getting dick pics on the internet. She finds a pair of glasses that reveal which men are real dicks. But as the dick monsters realize Venla can see their true form, they chase her and Venla must confront an explosive nightmare of genitals and gender roles.

Ulysses is a hundred-year-old man, battling for redemption on his last night on earth. Faced with imminent death, he is forced to rethink his past, his present and his take on reality.

After receiving a mysterious letter, a woman travels to a desolate island that soon turns into a world of nightmare.

A young woman wakes up in a mysterious forest with no recollection of why she is there. After finding a loose tooth on the ground beside her, she spots the light of a lantern in the distance and follows it in hopes of finding a way out of the darkness. Walking becomes running, and running quickly becomes hiding in the shadows, when she discovers that the person carrying the lantern is her mirror image.

At the dawn of the Second World War, Nazism was extending its grip over South America. The Golden Angel, a Mexican masked wrestler, was recruited by the Americans in order to flush out the spies of the Third Reich and put a stop to their nefarious schemes. The Golden Angel's assignments, still classified Top Secret and therefore absent from the history books, even brought him to a pivotal confrontation with Hitler himself.

Some people say that you have to be more afraid of the living than the dead... IT'S TRUE!

Something's wrong with Fae. She's been going missing without explanation, winding up in a recovery center. Her younger sister, Dori, is worried. Is Fae schizophrenic? Is there really someone stalking her? She sneaks a look at Fae's diary, and what she sees is disturbing: some kind of monster made of darkness. Suddenly, the lights start to fail. There's something coming for Fae, but Dori soon discovers that whatever it is – it's not of this world. As objects begin levitating and Fae is pulled into the sky by an unseen force, Dori risks everything to save her.

OTHER ACTIVITIES | Offline & online

Marea Nocturna will talk about the cult classic Arrebato with: Desiree de Fez Xavi Sánchez Pons Ángel Sala Jordi Sánchez Navarro


PRESENTACIÓ del FANZINE de les 40edicions Presentació del fanzine editat pel Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei amb motiu de les 40 edicions. Presentació a càrrec de Javier Rueda, editor i Joan Jarque, dissenyador. Amb la intervenció d’alguns dels autors col·laboradors. Dia: DISSABTE 30 OCTUBRE Hora: 18.00 h Lloc: Sala d’exposicions de Ca n’Ametller Aforament limitat. Entrada gratuïta.

Montse Puértolas from Kataclack, one of the pioneers in Spain in the creation of VR360º content, will explain the possibilities of the format, the point where this technology is, and will give us clues about what we can expect from it in the future. Free entry streaming.

A group of film students take three unemployed actors to a disused motel in the Norwegian mountains to make zombie films.

A hellish descent into a man’s inner purgatory.

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Just when Michael arrives in Berlin to visit his ex-girlfriend Gabi, a terrible virus starts spreading across the city at a rapid pace, turning people into mindless homicidal maniacs. Much to Michael's concern, Gabi's not home; instead, he meets Harper, a teenage plumber's apprentice at work in her apartment block. Together, they manage to barricade themselves when raging hordes of infected people swarm the building. Surrounded by these thirsty zombies, Michael and Harper have their hands full to survive - and it will take all of their ingenuity to make their way out to try and find Gabi.

OTHER ACTIVITIES | Offline & online

Reading Winner List 40th edition TerrorMolins

TALKS | Offline

Round table to talk about the films that show in the retrospective section.

Dones Visuals continues its collaboration with Molins Horror Film Festival within the transversal project “Gènere al gènere”. Next November 9 at 6pm. we will hold a round table with professionals from the cinematographic medium that will discuss the situation of equity that we live in genre cinema and specifically horror. Are stereotypes been perpetuated? What representativeness does exists? Are there new looks? What are the possible lines of action? These and more questions will be included in a talk that will be offered online at our Terrormolins TV channel and that will be open to public participation.<br> Talkers: Ainhoa Bolaños Alonso, Edna Campos, Tanu Distribución.

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Taula rodona entre dos historiadors i crítics de cinema al voltant de l’evolució del cinema de terror des dels anys setanta fins a l’actualitat. Presentador: Jaume Claver Moderador: José Miguel Beltrán Ponents: Antonio José Navarro i Begoña del Teso, historiadors i crítics de cinema. Dissabte 13 de novembre, a les 17.30 h, a la Sala d’exposicions de Ca n’Ametller Entrada gratuïta. Aforament limitat.


Manuel Pérez Clemente (Barcelona, ​​June 24, 1941) is one of the most important Spanish illustrators, with his art he has crossed borders and has managed to be recognized worldwide. "Sanjulian, the power of illustration" in a documentary in which we will go through the life and work of this spectacular artist, told by himself, whose illustrations captivated George Lucas himself.

People avoid and fear her but make their way to her door, because only she can resolve problems problems of all kinds. She is a healer, a hermit, a holy fool and a drinker. She knows the saving grace she administers is destroying her.

A retrospective look at A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) and the life of its lead actor, Mark Patton and the homoerotic subtext and the special place that the 'Nightmare' franchise keeps within the canon of gay cinema.

A werewolf thinks she has her life figured out until a late night chance encounter changes her mind.


Sessió Instituts 2021

Ivy, a singer trying to make ends meet in New Orleans, struggles with her eating disorder and addiction.

A janitor is deeply depressed because of her daughter's passing away. On one of her insomniac night jogging, she feels that someone is looking at her from the darkness of a narrow street.

Anna and Beth are two deaf and blind sisters who live happily in a small town with their father. However, when a neighbor accidentally stops at their house, the two young women discover that their father's mental health has been responsible for completely deteriorating their lives.

A boy tries to overcome the loss of his mother by creating a dangerous relationship with a monster.

A reimagining of Roger Corman's 1982 slasher film.

Pablo has been kidnapped at Ágata's house for about a month, and he still can't understand why. Today, Ágata is nervous because it is a clear and calm night, the moon is shining, and she knows that it's going to be very special for both of them.


Alexis regained his hearing during the brutal murder of his family when he was ten years old. This visceral experience awakens her synaesthetic abilities, propelling her on a path of discovery.


Vasilisa returns to her hometown for the wedding of her school friend Inna. Inna's groom "Chistiy" with his two friends "Lambada" and "Kolbasa" organize a unplanned bachelor party on the eve of the wedding.

Short set in the 60s, on a stormy night.

Strigoi is the original ancient Romanian myth for vampires. Between 2005 and 2007 a massive "pandemic" of Strigoi occurred in the region of Oltenia from Romania. People went sick without a medical reason, graves were unearthed, having the dead slain, with their heart impaled and burnt to ashes. Five people were prosecuted for Grave Desecration. As of today, the condemned Strigoi slayers still claim that they saved their families from being taken to death by the unholy spirit. This is the dramatization of their story.

Many light years from Earth, Eve, a mining colony operator, awakens to realize she is trapped underground after an explosion on the surface. Claustrophobic, with only one hand free, an oxygen leak in her suit and unable to use her emergency thrusters, Eve must try to escape.

Javier, traumatized by the recent death of his daughter, arrives at his former home after receiving an unexpected invitation from Laura, his ex-wife. He finds the house empty, and only the memories of the past will accompany the man to succumb to the visions that little by little will make him doubt between what is real or not.

An escaped convict lost in 1803 Australia encounters two immortal time travelers from our future, on a journey to vicariously understand mortality.

Severin Films director David Gregory and House Of Psychotic Women author Kier-La Janisse consult a global list of more than 60 horror writers, directors, and scholars including Eli Roth and Joe Dante among many others.

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Talk about music in horror movies. By Alicia Morote.

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A talk with the filmmaker Éric Falardeau (Thanatomorphose, 2012) moderated by José Miguel Rodríguez, responsible for The program will include the viewing of a selection of his best short films: La petite mort (2006), Purgatory (2006), The Forest (2020), Le Cycle (2009), Crépuscule (2011) and Thanatomorphose Trailers (2012).


Taller de crítica cinematogràfica: Escriure de Cinema, a càrrec d’Antonio José Navarro, crític i professor de La Casa del Cine. A partir d’una pel·lícula escollida, relacionada amb la temàtica “La lluita interior”, els participants aprendran les bases del procés creatiu d’elaboració d’una crítica de cinema de la mà del crític cinematogràfic i professor de l’escola de cinema La Casa del Cine, Antonio José Navarro. Dilluns 8, 15, 22 i 29 de novembre de 2021, de 18.00 a 20.00h. Biblioteca el Molí. Sala d’actes Activitat gratuïta amb inscripció prèvia: Més informació:


In a last attempt to save their marriage, Sara and Óscar decide to take a short vacation in a cabin in the woods with their two children. But when they arrive, they do not find the rest they were looking for: instead increasingly strange events corrode the tense atmosphere between the couple. The family begins to feel the presence of a woman prowling the house and she seems to predict situations that defy nature. As the young couple begin to confront unresolved issues from the past, these strange events will attempt to unravel the family from within.

Rafael, a seriously injured man, falls into the darkness of the Tlalpujahua forest, is found by Teresa and her sister Dolores who take care of him, until they discover his dark past and return him to the forest but now at the mercy of Tekenchu.


Screening of a selection of horror short films for boys and girls. The screening is divided into two sections: a first section including short films for kids aged between 6 and 9 years, and a second section with short films for kids aged 10 years or older. The short films shown have been chosen taking into account the quality, representativeness and adequacy requirements for family audiences. The session will include the presentation of the previous edition of the film workshop for children with a presentation of the kids that took part in it. Session (6-9 years old): 11.30h Presentation of the Short film made in last year’s Horror Film Whorksop for Children 2019: 12.05h (approx.) Sesión (10-12 años): 12.30h Sunday, November 7th, 11.30 - 13.30 h Teatre La Peni de Molins de Rei Free access with previous inscription: Further information:

When Bobby and his best friend Kevin are kidnapped and locked in a strange house in the middle of nowhere, Bobby manages to escape. But as he walks away he hears the desperate screams of his partner, so he decides to turn around and help him.


A young man who works as a butcher in a slaughterhouse accidentally kills a taxi driver after an argument. When her girlfriend tries to convince him to notify the police, he is forced to kill her, and he does the same with all those who pose a threat to him.

A small walk in the forest turns into a Hammeresque nightmare... Music video produced for the play The Forest by the Montreal group The SerVant.

During the bright Nordic summer, a group of children reveal their dark and mysterious powers when the adults aren't looking.

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A middle-aged man decides to take an "unpleasant" job that has a lot to do with layoffs ... a metaphor for the global economic crisis.

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A man is fired from his job and begins to stalk his former boss and his wife. After breaking into their home and claiming it for his own, he begins to see ghostly visions.

A horrifying story of a shaman's inheritance in the Isan region of Thailand. What could be possessing a family member might not be the Goddess they make it out to be. A documentary team follows Nim, a shaman based in Northern Thai, the Isan area, and encounters her niece Mink showing strange symptoms that seem to be of inheritance of shamanism. The team decides to follow Mink, hoping to capture the shaman lineage passing on to the next generation, but her bizarre behavior becomes more extreme.

Gus, a drug addict publicist is locked in his bathroom due to a missing knob, which has been temporarily removed for renovations in his new office. During his stay in the bathroom, he cannot take the drugs he is used to, so he turns to cleaning products instead. From this, he invokes an imaginary creature called "The Mop" that, despite his gruesome appearance, will make Gus get out of the bathroom completely cured of his addiction.

An anthropology professor is expelled from his university for claiming to be on the threshold of an apocalyptic discovery

A burdened man feels the wrath of a vengeful God after he and his wife are visited by a mysterious stranger.


After a year of combating a pandemic with relatively benign symptoms, a frustrated nation finally lets its guard down. This is when the virus spontaneously mutates, giving rise to a mind-altering plague. The streets erupt into violence and depravity, as those infected are driven to enact the most cruel and ghastly things they can think of. Murder, torture, rape and mutilation are only the beginning. A young couple is pushed to the limits of sanity as they try to reunite amid the chaos. The age of civility and order is no more. There is only "The Sadness".

When strange sightings and disappearances begin to plague a small fishing town in the summer of '58, it's up to a big city scientist, the local sheriff and a plucky teenage girl to investigate and stop the madness in this parody of retro monster B-movies.


Epic and ultraviolent fantasy set in a fantasy land, which follows in the footsteps of heroes from different eras battling a malevolent force.

In a densely forested area north of St. Petersburg people have been going missing for three decades.The few corpses ever found were naked. On October 14, 2017 a team of volunteers went out into the woods in search of a missing teenager. Soon, all communication with them was lost. Locals believe they were taken by the same dark spirit that took the others. They call it the Limping Widow.

An elderly gentleman goes for what he assumes will be an ordinary day at the amusement park, only to find himself in the middle of a hellish nightmare.

A couple is about to buy a new apartment, and the young woman imagines herself in a bright future, but in appearance only...

Nora has had a rough year. The situation is not getting better when she keeps running into the same man...

Under the influence of apocalyptic prophecies, a family takes refuge in an old country house in the last hours before the announced of Last Judgment. But the unexpected appearance of an intruder, who claims to be "the envoy of the Lord," will put his faith and his destiny at risk.

When the last bullring in Catalonia has been turned into a mall, an old bullfighter must make a living in the bars of Barcelona. One night, a bored Russian president appears trying to freshen up his long vacation. In a flash, still the urgent desire to try his luck as a hero before it's too late.


The lives of two roommates change after discovering that their new Manhattan apartment holds a dark secret.

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Simon takes his twelve-year-old son to rural Vermont to help him fix an old farmhouse, but there they meet the spirit of Lydia, the previous owner. With each repair they make, she grows stronger ...

A girl convinces her brother to embark on a trip across the country to break a supposed curse.

Who needs capers in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? A waiter and his Mallorcan neighbor will answer this and other existential or perhaps not so existential questions.

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Sadie and McKayla are so obsessed with social networks that they have decided to hatch a macabre plan: to kidnap Lowell, a serial killer, so that he can train them in the art of horror and power, thus, blast it on the internet. At first, everything goes according to plan, but when things go wrong and Lowell is free, the self-described "tragic girls" will have no choice but to reconsider their plan.

To his great surprise, Elias Duyster, a serial killer sentenced to life, is visited by his estranged daughter Fia. Elias hopes for reconciliation, but all Fia wants from him is a signature on a medical certificate. Then their conversation takes a sinister turn.

A woman's ordinary trip suddenly becomes a plunge in to horror on board of a mysterious tramway.

An otherworldly journey through a Europe in decline - a collection of darkly humorous, fantasy tales about ill-fated characters and doomed fortune.

A police S.W.A.T. team investigates about a mysterious VHS tape and discovers a sinister cult that has pre-recorded material which uncovers a nightmarish conspiracy.

A criminal on the run breaks into the home of a high class escort, only to realize nothing is as it seems.


Documentary as the making of of 'Count Dracula', a film directed in 1970 by Jesús Franco. Vampir-Cuadecuc is possibly the key film to understand the transition that takes place in the Spanish cinematographic field from the period of the "new cinemas" (allowed by the Franco administration) towards the clandestine, illegal practices or open opposition to the Franco regime. It consists of a filming from the filming of the commercial film El Conde Drácula, by Jess Franco.

A doctor in parapsychology invites some people to their mansion. They all have lived some kind of paranormal experiences.

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Fifty years ago, a Yale University professor named Stanley Milgram conducted a series of social experiments based on the psychology of Nazi war criminals. Now Nick, his girlfriend Tayler and their two best friends are about to discover those experiments for themselves. Kidnapped after a camping trip, the boys wake up in what appears to be a prison, with two tracks connected at the base of their skulls. They are not alone: ​​four other people are in the same situation.

A troubled woman on the edge of divorce returns home to her younger sister after years apart. But when her sister and brother-in-law betray her trust, she embarks on a vicious crusade of revenge.

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Paralyzed by his fear of dying, Miles Grissom is offering a reward to the first person who can show him a ghost, an angel, a demon; anything that shows you that we are still alive after our deaths.

After Melissa and her family seek shelter to avoid a storm, they become trapped. Time passes little by little and Melissa realizes that perhaps she has something to do with the horrors that haunt her family and the entire planet.

Years eighties, Bolivia is recovering from the military dictatorships, Franco is a boy who begins a friendship with a strange man that his mother has locked in the basement, motivated by the idea that he is his father tries to free him discovering truths that are beyond his understanding.

Siblings Daphne and Wilson Shaw practically raised one another. They’ve protected each other from everything life has thrown their way. Daphne’s professional life is soaring and she’s looking to adopt a child. Wilson is interviewing for a position at a local school, hoping to become a teacher. But Daphne has an unsettling, dangerous stalker whom she can’t seem to shake, and now threatens to destroy them both.

When Harley visits her boyfriend’s estate for Halloween weekend, they’re invaded by a band of masked freaks and forced to play a Wicked Game.

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XERRADA: 40 EDICIONS TERRORMOLINS: moments, anècdotes i records. Taula rodona amb varies persones que han estat implicades a la organització del Festival durant les diferents dècades. Serà un moment per descobrir històries i anècdotes poc conegudes. Presentador: Oriol Romeu Moderador: Roger Sàbat Ponents: Txell Civil, Joan Domènech, Laura Marin, David Izquierdo i Albert Galera. Dia: DIJOUS 4 NOVEMBRE Hora: 19.00 h Lloc: Sala d’exposicions de Ca n’Ametller Aforament limitat. Entrada gratuïta.

In a small town in León, María José is about to end her life after not having overcome the death of her son. Everything changes when she receives a visit from Lucia, a girl who could be related to a legend of the town about the apocalypse.

Maxime, a young man in search of stability, is literally haunted by the ghost of his girlfriend Hélène, who died recently. Wishing to put an end to this unbearable situation, Maxime finally decides to break with her. But Hélène does not seem ready to accept this decision...


In 1965, three years before the release of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, in Tucumán, director Ofelio Linares Montt shot Zombies in the Sugar Cane Field, a horror film with strong politi- cal allegories. The film opened in the us to great success, but when it was time for its Argentine release, in the midst of Onganía's regime, things went south and all trace of the film was lost. Following Lu- ciano Saracino, a writer in search for the film's original screenplay, Schembri's documentary researches the steps of this cursed classic, with a few surviving images and testimonies of critics, filmmakers and the beloved Isabel Sarli. At the end, an idea is summoned: aren't there too many "coincidences" between Linares Montt's and George A. Romero's films?

Juan Diego Escobar Alzate, director and screenwriter, will explain his experience currently trying to build the project for his second feature film “El arcoiris negro” and will do so by comparing it with everything he learned at the level of successes and errors after managing to make and premiere his debut film ” Luz: the flower of evil “. Free entry streaming.

Gala of the award ceremony for the Best Short Film of the Festival Section dedicated to short films produced, directed or in the Catalan language. The gala will be preceded by a Q&A with the authors of the short films in competition.