Nadia comes to Valladolid to work as a foreign au pair, in order to improve her level Spanish. As part of her job, she will have to take care of Nestor and teach him French for the four weeks that his father will be away from home. But Nestor is a bad-tempered pre-teen, with serious problems with Molière's language and extremely violent reactions.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Festival Internacional de Cine de Terror y Fantástico de Sitges (official section)

David Pérez Sañudo
Sarah Perles, Luis Callejo
Spanish, French

David Pérez Sañudo

David Pérez Sañudo (Bilbao, April 12, 1987) is a Spanish director, screenwriter and producer, known for co-writing and directing the feature film Ane, winner of three awards from the Film Academy. He has a Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Carlos III University from Madrid and master's degree in cinematographic direction at ESCAC.


2021 Au Pair, Vatios, La colcha y la madre. 2020 Ane, 2019 Un coche cualquiera, 2018 Ane (short), 2017 Aprieta pero raramente ahoga, 2016 Tiempos muertos, 2015 Artifitial


ScreenwriterDavid Pérez Sañudo, Marina Parés
ProductionKevin Iglesias, David Blanka, Agustín Delgado Bulnes, Elena Maeso
MusicBeatriz López-Nogales
EditionLluís Murúa


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