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Ç-Trencada Best Short Film Award Ceremony

Gala of the award ceremony for the Best Short Film of the Festival Section dedicated to short films produced, directed or in the Catalan language.
The gala will be preceded by a Q&A with the authors of the short films in competition.

Picture of Sergio D’Asensio

Sergio D’Asensio

Sergio D’Asensio (Barcelona, 1992). Director and screenwriter. Graduated in the CFGS Audiovisual Production and graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with the mention of cinema. He is a co-founder of the sustainable audiovisual production company El Gato de Alaska, and a film critic in the digital and written media "La Directa". He has worked on several short films and music videos. He has worked at PAC, Fuera de Campo Films and the MECAL festival.


Aurora (2021)

Picture of Derrick Álvarez

Derrick Álvarez

Derrick Álvarez aka Derrick Herrera. Actor and voice actor. He has acted in various short films, medium-length films, television series, video clips, theater, etc. He has also lent his voice to different audiovisual projects (voice-over, radio drama, dubbing) and worked as an animator at events. As a film enthusiast, and in a self-taught way, he likes to shoot shorts or videos and experiment with image and editing.


Insomaniak, Spektrum, Caso nº 20, Watchers, Plato confinado, En la oscuridad, Sintonizados, The Grandpa.

Picture of Bernat Noguero

Bernat Noguero

Bernat Noguero, 20 years old and currently studying cinematography at ESCAC. From a very young age he has loved cinema, both watching and doing it. It started with some short films, and the genres that attract him the most are science fiction, action, horror...


Detrás de la puerta (2020)

Picture of Albert Portal

Albert Portal

Born in Salt on July 18, 1976. I started in the audiovisual world in 2011 in a self-taught way. During these years I have been training in different disciplines related to the audiovisual world. I have been able to develop work with the chroma key technique, stop motion animation and I have received training in photography. I also have advanced knowledge in image editing and treatment programs such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut, among others.


Filmography: https://vimeo.com/user11042335 Awards ans selections: Premis i nominacions: 2012. Concurs de curtmetratges express WEVOO (Olot). SEGON PREMI pel curtmetratge: Culebra""A town called Olot"". 2012. Concurs de curtmetratges ACOCOLLONA'T (Girona). MILLOR CURT GIRONÍ pel curtmetratge: Zombies vegetarians. 2012. Concurs de curtmetratges exprés WEVOO (Olot). PREMI SPAGHETTI WESTERN pel curtmetratge: Culebra III ""Hipster town. 2016. Marató de cinema fantàstic i de terror de Sants. SELECCIONAT pel curtmetrage: Lo siguiente. 2020 | Concurs Internacional Participa Méliès. MENCIÓ ESPECIAL pel curtmetratge: Paralelos. 2020. Concurs de curtmetratges ACOCOEXPRÉS (Girona). MENCIÓ ESPECIAL pel curtmetratge: Revelacions.

Picture of Cris Gambín & Toni Pinel

Cris Gambín & Toni Pinel

Cris Gambín and Toni Pinel have been making short films and other audiovisual productions together for more than 10 years. ANNA (2015) and ZOMBIOSI (2018) have been their most successful works, with a presence in dozens of festivals around the world, and with which they have won several awards and nominations. In July 2021 they assumed the direction of the FIC-CAT Festival, after several years as collaborators and deputy directors.


SHORT FILMS: Cases d'algú (2021), Zombiosi (2018), Vincles (2017), Humans (2016), ANNA (2015), Entrecuento de Navidad (2013), Anima (2011) FEATURES: Cinema amb Ç (documental, 2018)

Picture of Jofre Viaplana i Badia

Jofre Viaplana i Badia

Jofre Viaplana i Badia (Barcelona, 1999) has a degree in cinematography specializing in directing and screenwriting from Bande à Part, Barcelona Film School. He previously studied two years at Escola Massana. Arts and design Centrer of Barcelona.


- VIR-001_file_not_found (2019) - Máquina (2020) - La pausa (2020) - Quémate (2021) - Extraescolar (2021)

Picture of Iu Alsius

Iu Alsius

Iu Alsius (Barcelona, March 19, 2003) is a computer science student with an interest in the audiovisual world. Throughout his life he has participated in many audiovisual projects in the role of interpretation, editing, post-production and camera operator. These include the music videos for the musical group "Sofás Verdes" and the short film "The Mop" by Ian Garrucho.


- The mop (2021)

Picture of Ian Garrucho

Ian Garrucho

Ian Garrucho is currently studying 2nd Degree in Cinematography at ESCAC. He has directed short films such as " Witness" (2022), "Dog" (2023), "Flower in oblivion" (2023) and previously "The mop"(2021), which was selected in the fiction section of the Muestra Audiovisual JOSEP MAIXENCHS and at the FESTIVAL DE TERROR DE MOLINS DE REI in the section Ç trencada, where it was screened. From 2019 to 2021 he made his audiovisual project Sofás Verdes in which he made 3 video clips.


- The Mop (2021) - Witness (2023) - Dog (2023) - La flor en el olvido (2023)