A young boy is trapped in a Gingerbread House which underneath hides a gloomy world, while his mother is desperately trying to find the gate that will take him out of there.

Festivals, awards and nominations

-Best Production Design (Tabloid Witch Awards), USA
-Best Director (Micro m Film Festival), Greece
-Best Short Film (New Generation Film Festival), Serbia
-Special Mention from the Jury for the Artistic Direction (International Film Festival of Larissa), Greece
-Special Mention (Best Thriller) (ISAFF International Symbolic Art Film Festival), Russia
-Honorable Mention, (Happenstance Horror Film Festival), USA
-Special Award for Short Film about childhood, (Dropull International Film Festival), Albania
-Honorable Mention, (FantFest), Serbia

Official Selection
-43th Drama International Short Film Festival, September 2020, Drama, Greece
-26th Athens International Film Festival Opening Nights, September 2020, Athens, Greece
-ScreamFest, October 2020, Los Angeles, USA
-Bogota Horror Film Festival, October 2020, Bogota Colombia
-Micro m Film Festival, November 2020, Athens, Greece
-22nd Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People, November 2020, Athens, Greece
-Tabloid Witch Awards, November 2020, Santa Monica, California, USA
-Canary Islands Fantasy Fest, December 2020, Tenerife, Spain
-New Generation Film Festival, December 2020, Belgrade, Serbia
-NOX Horror & Fantasy, January 2021, Salto, Uruguay
-Meme Pas Peur Fantastic Film Festival, February 2021, Saint Philippe, Reunion
-International Film Festival of Larissa, March 2021, Greece
-Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, 2021, April USA
-ISAFF International Symbolic Art Film Festival, May 2021, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
-Greek Film Festival in Berlin, June 2021, Berlin, Germany
-Fantasy Film Festival – Le festival du Fantasme, June 2021, Paris, France
-Cryptshow, July 2021, Barcelona, Spain
-Thrills, Chills & Kills, July 2021, USA
-Istlantilla Cineforum, July, Huelva, Spain
-Horror ShowFest, July 2021, Firenze, Italy
-Macabro Horror Film Festival, August 2021, Mexico City, Mexico
-Something Wicked, August 2021, Georgia, USA
-Happenstance Horror Film Festival, August 2021, Massachusetts, USA
-FantFest, August 2021, Serbia,
-Dropull International Film Festival, August 2021, Albania
-Obscura Fantasy Film Festival, September 2021, Hannover, Germany
-Winter Film Awards, September 2021, New York, USA
-Ierapetra International Film Festival, August 2021, Greece
-Chicago Horror, September 2021, Chicago, USA
-Balkan Panorama, September 2021, Izmir, Turkey
-The Galactic Imaginarium, September 2021, Timis, Romania
-Monsters of Film, September 2021, Stockholm, Sweden
-Macabre Faire, September 2021, Tennessee, USA
-Thess International Film Festival, October 2021, Thessaloniki, Greece
-Curtas Festival do Imaxinario, October 2021, Villagarcia, Spain
-Reel Horror, October 2021, Illinois, USA
-International Children’s & Youth Film Festival, Calibelula, October 2021, Colombia
-SusteFest Minutos de Terror, October 2021, Mexico

Vivian Papageorgiou
Andromachi Makridou, Aggelos Karaminas, Nestoras Kopsidas
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