A child-minded man named Johan (Norberto Trujillo), is guided by the voice of his father (Jose Luis de Madariaga) to defeat the demons that have taken over their town and save it. However, whether his father can be trusted is something that Johan is not yet certain of.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Feratum Film Festival
Isla Calavera Film Festival
FKM, Festival de Cine Fantástico de A Coruña

Santiago Tamagnone
Norberto Trujillo, Jose Luis de Madariaga, Antonietta Fragola, Babajide Okusanya, Luigi de Francesco, Simonluca Grillo, Vincenzo da Rosa, Antonio de la Cruz, Salvatore Onorii, Diana Pelino, Heiridian López Medina, Kim Simmons, Kiko Castro, Eduardo Zerolo de la Rosa, Sofía Padrón García, Borja Santos Labrador, Lucas Vera, Adríán Tunas, Maximiliano Crespo

Santiago Tamagnone

Born in 1993, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, lives in Barcelona, Spain, since 2019, Santiago graduated from Eliseo Subiela’s Instituto del Cine in 2015 and was left adrift for a couple of years. In 2018 he shot the short film “Lo que soy para vos” which got him an invitation to the FateLab in Italy. There, he won the audience award for his short film “Terra Bruciata”. Through that experience, he met Norberto Trujillo and was able to secure a location to shoot his first feature: Johan.


Lo que soy para vos (Short Film - 2018) Terra Bruciata (Short Film - 2018) Johan (Feature Film - 2021)


ScreenwriterSantiago Tamagnone
ProductionCristian Martinella, Sofia Tagliabue, Santiago Tamagnone
MusicKiko Castro
EditionSantiago Tamagnone