Javier, traumatized by the recent death of his daughter, arrives at his former home after receiving an unexpected invitation from Laura, his ex-wife. He finds the house empty, and only the memories of the past will accompany the man to succumb to the visions that little by little will make him doubt between what is real or not.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Sitges Festival Internacional De Cinema Fantástic De Catalunya.
Sant Cugat Fantástic.
Barcelona Fantasy Film Fest.
Amorpho, Festival De Cine De Terror.
Espanto Cine De Terror, Horror & Ciencia Ficción.
Séptimo Arte.

Carlos Cobos Aroca, Martí Brussosa Ventura
Christian Guiriguet, Anabel Caravaca, Jasmine Serra, Bruna Morcillo.

Carlos Cobos Aroca & Martí Brussosa Ventura

Carlos Cobos is a Spanish Director and Screenwriter. Carlos completed the Master of Film Direction at ESCAC (2017) where he developed his first short films, obtaining around 50 national and international selections. Marti Brussosa, graduated in Audiovisual Communication at UVic and took a Film and Video Making course at the San Jorge University of Zaragoza and, shortly, he will begin the annual script course at Showrunners BCN.


Carlos Cobos Aroca: - Parallelism. - Dylan. - Etéreo. - Nightfall. - Átropos. - Sucesión.


ScreenwriterCarlos Cobos, Martí Brussosa.
ProductionAntonio Rosa Lobo
MusicAlberto S. Anaya
EditionAlejandro Arenas


International sales agentAntonio Rosa Lobo