Many light years from Earth, Eve, a mining colony operator, awakens to realize she is trapped underground after an explosion on the surface. Claustrophobic, with only one hand free, an oxygen leak in her suit and unable to use her emergency thrusters, Eve must try to escape.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Festival Boca do Inferno (FBI) 2021 Brasil
Festival Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei - Cortos 2021. Globus España
Curtas Film Fest - Vilagarcía 2021 España
SciFi Film Festival Sydney - Shorts 2021 Australia
Festival De Cortos De Terror Etreum 2021 Panama
Certamen de Cortometrajes Agustí Comes Vinarós 2021 España
Festival de Cine Fantástico FANTBilbao - Cortos 2021 España
Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival Imagine 2021 Holanda
Boston SciFi - Shorts 2021 Estados Unidos

Pablo Tobon Gallo
Ana Isabel Castillo Betancur, Anthony Pica, Simon Ward, Tamara Venegas Echeverri, Drew Youso