The Forest

A small walk in the forest turns into a Hammeresque nightmare... Music video produced for the play The Forest by the Montreal group The SerVant.

Festivals, awards and nominations

9th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival (India) : Special Festival Mention
Les Sommets du cinéma d’animation (Canada, 2020)
Blood in the Snow Festival (Canada, 2020)
9th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival (India, 2020)
Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canadian Panorama, Canada, 2020)
Monthly Indie Short (en ligne, États-Unis, 2020)
New York Animation Film Awards (semi-finalist, États-Unis, 2020)
Madrid Indie Film Festival (Espagne, 2020)
Bizarre Bazaar (États-Unis, 2020)

Éric Falardeau
Drawings by Daniel Falardeau
No dialogue

Éric Falardeau

Éric Falardeau is a writer and filmmaker. He wrote and directed many short films, music videos, the cult horror feature Thanatomorphose (2012), which has won him several awards in international film festivals (31th Molins Film Festival Best Film), and the porn-horror movie The Thing from the Lake (2019).


Asmodeus (2021), The Thing From the Lake (2019), Élégie Nocturne (2015), Thanatomorphose (2012), Crépuscule (2011), Le Cycle (2009), Coming Home (2008), Purgatory (2006), La petite mort (2006)


ProductionÉric Falardeau
MusicBenoît Lemire
EditionBenoît Lemire


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