Strigoi is the original ancient Romanian myth for vampires. Between 2005 and 2007 a massive "pandemic" of Strigoi occurred in the region of Oltenia from Romania. People went sick without a medical reason, graves were unearthed, having the dead slain, with their heart impaled and burnt to ashes. Five people were prosecuted for Grave Desecration. As of today, the condemned Strigoi slayers still claim that they saved their families from being taken to death by the unholy spirit. This is the dramatization of their story.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Cannes Short Film Festival (winner, Best Horror Short with Strigoi), Indie Short Awards in Los Angeles (winner, Best Horror Short, Best Sound Design, Best VFX for Strigoi), Onyko Film Awards in Estonia (winner, Best Sound Design for Strigoi)

Florian Aron Anghel
Andreea Chiritescu, Ion Haiduc, Ada Navrot, Lucian Enescu, Viorel Manole