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Culto al terror

A documentary that pays tribute to the horror genre, a nostalgic and intense journey with the spirit of rock, to the universe of cinema, the passion of fantasy told by its specialists, fans and world stars. An entire international spiritual community twinned under the cathartic shadow of horror.

Gustavo Mendoza
Dario Argento, Barbara Crampton, Robert Englund, Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, Pablo Guisa Koestinger, Paul Naschy
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Gustavo Leonel Mendoza

Gustavo Leonel Mendoza was born on December 23, 1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied at various institutions and became interested in what would be his favorite genre: Fantastic Cinema. In Buenos Aires Comunicación (BAC), he graduated as director and producer of Film and TV. He made the illustrated book (Scrapbook) "From Narciso Ibáñez Menta to Narciso Ibáñez Serrador", Edited by Museo Fantàstico (Valencia, Spain), and presented at the FNAC space of SITGES 2016 (International Fantastic Cinema Festival of Catalonia). Regarding fantastic cinema and documentaries, Mendoza has structured almost the entirety of his filmography, although in his documentary films, about the stories of two great personalities: the Spanish actor Narciso Ibáñez Menta (Nobody worried more), the creator of the city from Piriápolis, in Uruguay, Don Francisco Piria (Piria Citizen) and the homage to the horror genre, Culto al terror, filmed in 8 countries with great stars of the fantastic. In 2021 he finished the short film tribute to London after midnight “Exhuming London After Midnight”. Using a program that animates old photos, he revived the film most sought after by historians and fans of fantasy cinema.


Exhuming London After Midnight (2021) (Shortfilm) La balada del ahorcado (2021) (Shortfilm) Culto al terror (2017) Ciudadano Piria (2014) Nadie Inquietó Más - Narciso Ibáñez Menta (2009) Robinson interior (Shortfilm) (2003) Búsqueda (Shortfilm) (2002) Glotón (Shortfilm) (2002) Argentina bizarra (Shortfilm doc) (1997) Terror en el cine argentino (Shortfilm doc) (1996)


ScreenwriterGustavo Mendoza
ProductionGustavo Mendoza
MusicGustavo Mendoza
EditionElian Aguilar, Cristian Ponce