Don't tell her name

Sometimes evil can come in the most innocent way.

Albert Portal
Imma Garcia, Laura Nadal

Albert Portal

Born in Salt on July 18, 1976. I started in the audiovisual world in 2011 in a self-taught way. During these years I have been training in different disciplines related to the audiovisual world. I have been able to develop work with the chroma key technique, stop motion animation and I have received training in photography. I also have advanced knowledge in image editing and treatment programs such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut, among others.


Filmography: Awards ans selections: Premis i nominacions: 2012. Concurs de curtmetratges express WEVOO (Olot). SEGON PREMI pel curtmetratge: Culebra""A town called Olot"". 2012. Concurs de curtmetratges ACOCOLLONA'T (Girona). MILLOR CURT GIRONÍ pel curtmetratge: Zombies vegetarians. 2012. Concurs de curtmetratges exprés WEVOO (Olot). PREMI SPAGHETTI WESTERN pel curtmetratge: Culebra III ""Hipster town. 2016. Marató de cinema fantàstic i de terror de Sants. SELECCIONAT pel curtmetrage: Lo siguiente. 2020 | Concurs Internacional Participa Méliès. MENCIÓ ESPECIAL pel curtmetratge: Paralelos. 2020. Concurs de curtmetratges ACOCOEXPRÉS (Girona). MENCIÓ ESPECIAL pel curtmetratge: Revelacions.


ScreenwriterAlbert Portal
ProductionAnna Nadal


International sales agentAnna Nadal