Las noches son de los monstruos

Sol, a 17-year-old teenager, moves with her mother to the Gonzalo’s home, the actual mother’s boyfriend. In this town, where from the beginning Sol only finds hostility, she must face bullying from her schoolmates and Gonzalo's harassment. While wandering the streets trying to find a way out, Sol meet a mysterious and magical female dog with whom she establish a symbiotic relationship. It be this dog, the one that violently and surprisingly, always appear to defend Sol until the last consequences.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Blood Window WIP 2020, Sitges International Film Festival 2021, Grimmfest 2021

Sebastian Perillo
Luciana Grasso, Esteban Lamothe, Jazmín Stuart, Gustavo Garzón

Sebastian Perillo

Sebastian Perillo was born in Buenos Aires in 1976. He studied cinema in University of Cinema (FUC) and since 2003 has been producing films, most of them fiction, having 22 feature films to his credit. In 2016 he produced, wrote and directed AMATEUR, which participated in various festivals around the world and won the awards for BEST FICTION FILM, BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTRESS at the 24th Mostra de Cinema Llatinoamericá de Catalunya in 2018. THE NIGHTS BELONG TO THE MONSTERS is his second feature as director.


Amateur (Argentina, 2016) Bionica (In postproduction, Argentina, 2022)


ScreenwriterPaula Marotta
ProductionSebastian Perillo, Rosana Ojeda, Fernando Abadi
MusicDarío Ramos Maldonado
EditionNicolás Goldbart, Flor Efrón, Francisco D’Efeumia