Exists is the first film that Sánchez shoots in the first person since "The Blair Witch", and will explain how a group of friends embark on a trip to the remote forests of Texas for a weekend of fun and end up being hunted by 1 bigfoot

Eduardo Sánchez
Chris Osborn, Dora Madison, Roger Edwards, Denise Williamson, Samuel Davis, Brian Steele
United States

Eduardo Sánchez

Eduardo Sanchez was born in Cuba in 1968. After High School Ed studied at Montgomery College where he continued to make movies like Star Trek Demented. He later got accepted to the University of Central Florida where he made Gabriel's Dream, a film which he thought was going to be his big break, but that didn't come for almost another decade. In 1997 he and a close friend Daniel Myrick got together and started production on the most successful movie (budget to gross) ever, the The Blair Witch Project.


Portals (2019) Blair Witch (2016) Exists (2014) V/H/S 2 (2013) Ninjas vs. Monsters (2012) Lovely Molly (2011) Small Hours (2011) Midnight Son (2011) ParaAbnormal (2009) Seventh Moon (2008) Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows (2000) The Blair Witch Project (1999)


ScreenwriterJamie Nash, Eduardo Sánchez
ProductionRobin Cowie, Jane Fleming, Andy Jenkins, Mark Ordesky
MusicNima Fakhrara
EditionAndrew Eckblad, Eduardo Sánchez, Andy Jenkins