World Premiere

A dreadful evil force interrupts a therapy session of a psychologist with a mentally disturbed teenage girl who has a dark and enigmatic past. Having trouble in differentiating reality and hallucination, she is force to listen to the evil force which leads to a chain of unsettling events.

"Burn" is a film essay on body wear and acceleration. Different bodies enter a vicious circle of ill-treatment and madness that will eventually transform the matter in them. Through allegory and visual metaphors, the short aims to show certain ideas such as capitalism, the consumer society, the society of fatigue and other derived concepts. A mix of genres; a kind of body horror with elements of fantasy, including video dance, building the entirety of this film essay. Are you ready to burn?

Some people say that you have to be more afraid of the living than the dead... IT'S TRUE!

Gus, a drug addict publicist is locked in his bathroom due to a missing knob, which has been temporarily removed for renovations in his new office. During his stay in the bathroom, he cannot take the drugs he is used to, so he turns to cleaning products instead. From this, he invokes an imaginary creature called "The Mop" that, despite his gruesome appearance, will make Gus get out of the bathroom completely cured of his addiction.