"Burn" is a film essay on body wear and acceleration. Different bodies enter a vicious circle of ill-treatment and madness that will eventually transform the matter in them. Through allegory and visual metaphors, the short aims to show certain ideas such as capitalism, the consumer society, the society of fatigue and other derived concepts. A mix of genres; a kind of body horror with elements of fantasy, including video dance, building the entirety of this film essay. Are you ready to burn?

Jofre Viaplana i Badia
Azret Kumykov, Adrià Mestres, Gerard Valdivia, Jordi Rocaspana, Rodrigo Riquelme, Santi Bosch, Cláudia Hernández, Saúl Higueras, Kevin Alfonso, Jordi París, Paúl Ponce, Cristina Prats
No dialogue

Jofre Viaplana i Badia

Jofre Viaplana i Badia (Barcelona, 1999) has a degree in cinematography specializing in directing and screenwriting from Bande à Part, Barcelona Film School. He previously studied two years at Escola Massana. Arts and design Centrer of Barcelona.


- VIR-001_file_not_found (2019) - Máquina (2020) - La pausa (2020) - Quémate (2021) - Extraescolar (2021)


ScreenwriterJofre Viaplana
ProductionLaura Vozmediano
EditionAdri Pérez, Jofre Viaplana


International sales agentMélody Brechet