A couple is about to buy a new apartment, and the young woman imagines herself in a bright future, but in appearance only...

Festivals, awards and nominations

Paris Film Festival July 2021 (nominee : Best Original Score / Best Horror short)
Afraid Online Film Awards August 2021 (Best Female Actor)
Fright Nights Austria october 2021
Festival du Film Fantastique de Menton october 2021
Terror Molins Film Festival november 2021

Hugues Willy Krebs
Johanne Ricard, Francesca Domenichini, Eric Moscardo, Catherine Raiser-Duchamp, Mailis Jeunesse, Myriam Houbalah, Malena Perrot, Adeline Kohl

Hugues Willy Krebs

Hugues Willy Krebs is a screenwriter, a photograph and a director who works in the independant cinema industry in Paris. He has participated at the Kino ; movement for the past few years. He loves many genres such as thriller, adventure and science-fiction.


L’appartement 2020 Déclic 2019 Gaïa 2019 Etage 4 2019 Happiness Therapy 2018 La Fourmi et le Cyclope 2017 Oulanahi 2017 Table Rase 2016 La punition 2015 La galère 2014 L’attentat 2012


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