3rd Block - Official Short Films Section in Competition.

06 Nov 22:00 (La Peni)

Short Films Session in the Official Section in Competition.
Divided into 3 sessions: 17:00, 19:15 and 22:00.
The same ticket is valid for all 3 sessions.

A couple is about to buy a new apartment, and the young woman imagines herself in a bright future, but in appearance only...

A janitor is deeply depressed because of her daughter's passing away. On one of her insomniac night jogging, she feels that someone is looking at her from the darkness of a narrow street.

A 19th century, agrarian mother must take a dark risk to save her children.

A woman's ordinary trip suddenly becomes a plunge in to horror on board of a mysterious tramway.

Asmodeus: the worst of demons (Asmodaios) or the king of the earthly spirits (Ashmedai). Asmodeus: lust. A movie ritual, an experimental gory self-portrait, a journey towards enlightenment, loaded with occult imagery, played by Falardeau, where a man invokes and meets three different woman-like incarnations of the lustful demon.

Alex is left alone for the weekend to renovate a room for his and his wife's unborn child. Soon, a baby monitor starts to play him horrifying sounds about his future failures as a father.

Locked in her deceased mother's rundown house, Mia is desperately trying to contact her. As she moves from ritual to ritual, she accidentally opens the doorway to an evil and very familiar presence...

In a house by a river that lamented as it ran, lived a father and his daughter and a dog-headed man. A murder ballad. Based on a poem by Helen Adam.