A 19th century, agrarian mother must take a dark risk to save her children.

Festivals, awards and nominations

BAIT - Best Horror Short, Venezia Shorts 2021; Best Horror Short - Indie Short Fest
Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians (music video) - SXSW selection 2009

Josh Litwhiler
Talia Cataldo, Solimae Dibble, Luke Finley, Floyd Richardson
United States
No dialogue

Josh Litwhiler

Josh Litwhiler made a horror film in what were themselves, scary times - the 2020 pandemic. He didn't do so alone. The film was made with a few dear friends. He met some new ones along the way too. When not (and even while) making dark short films with the help of amazingly talented people, he's an Executive Producer of film adverts. He also operates a fine beer and tinned fish shop in Vermont.


BAIT - 2020 Cell Mates (music video) - 2010 Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians (music video) - 2008 Gunnin' Thru the Night (music video) - 2005


ProductionJosh Litwhiler
MusicJeff Zeigler
EditionAaron Langley


International sales agentJosh Litwhiler