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The Last Employee

A middle-aged man decides to take an "unpleasant" job that has a lot to do with layoffs ... a metaphor for the global economic crisis.

Alexander Adolph
Christian Berkel, Jule Ronstedt, Bibiana Beglau, Leopold Conzen, Gundi Ellert, Paul Faßnacht, Heinz Josef Braun, Helmfried von Lüttichau, Johannes Herrschmann, Julia Eder, Elisabeth Krojer, Peter Stöhr, Uwe Castor, Benedikt Wiedenmann

Alexander Adolph

After graduating from high school, Adolph studied law at Munich's Ludwig Maximilians University and passed the first and second state exams. During this time he was already writing radio plays, features and reports. In 1997 he received the international radio play award U.R.T.I. for the radio play Flirt. (Grand Prix de la Radio). Adolph's feature film The Last Employee with Christian Berkel, Jule Ronstedt and Bibiana Beglau started in cinemas nationwide in October 2011.


The Weather Inside (2015) The Last Employee (2010) I've Never Been Happier (2009) Die Hochstapler (2006)


ScreenwriterAlexander Adolph
Production Alban Rehnitz, Philip Voges
MusicDieter Schleip
EditionChristel Suckow