Zombies en el cañaveral

In 1965, three years before the release of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, in Tucumán, director Ofelio Linares Montt shot Zombies in the Sugar Cane Field, a horror film with strong politi- cal allegories. The film opened in the us to great success, but when it was time for its Argentine release, in the midst of Onganía's regime, things went south and all trace of the film was lost. Following Lu- ciano Saracino, a writer in search for the film's original screenplay, Schembri's documentary researches the steps of this cursed classic, with a few surviving images and testimonies of critics, filmmakers and the beloved Isabel Sarli. At the end, an idea is summoned: aren't there too many "coincidences" between Linares Montt's and George A. Romero's films?

Pablo Schembri
Monica Audi Falu, Cesar Legname, Carlos Lizarraga, Luciano Saracino, Isabel Sarli, Diego Trerotola, Roger Koza, Laura Casabé

Pablo Schembri

Manager of the production company “Películas Zapruder”. Screenwriter, director and producer of the feature film “Zombies in the sugar cane field. The documentary” (2019). Director and screenwriter of “Secret North. Stories and legends of Argentine northwest” (TV documentary 2 seasons series / 2015 - 2018). Screenwriter of “Kuska Kay” (TV show / 2015). Screenwriter and director of “Shadow play” and “The cat in the box” (web series project). Art director in “Wounded Animals” (web series / 2019).


Zombies en el Cañaveral: El Documental (2019)


ScreenwriterPablo Schembri
ProductionPelículas Zapruder
MusicJavier Ruiz
EditionPablo Schembri