Something's wrong with Fae. She's been going missing without explanation, winding up in a recovery center. Her younger sister, Dori, is worried. Is Fae schizophrenic? Is there really someone stalking her? She sneaks a look at Fae's diary, and what she sees is disturbing: some kind of monster made of darkness. Suddenly, the lights start to fail. There's something coming for Fae, but Dori soon discovers that whatever it is – it's not of this world. As objects begin levitating and Fae is pulled into the sky by an unseen force, Dori risks everything to save her.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Imagine Film Festival (Amsterdam), Brooklyn Horror Film Festival (USA)

Daniel Byers
Quinn Jackson, Liala Layther, Claudia Sersanti
country of origin
United States
production year
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Daniel Byers

Daniel is a villainous knave who grew up in the jungles of Africa and the mountains of Nepal. With a penchant for adventure and environmental action, he's spent much of his career capturing expeditions around the world as a documentary filmmaker. When not in the field, Daniel Directs horror, fantasy, and sci-fi with his company, Dark Tower Films. His first horror feature is in post-production.



ProductionIvan Durovic
MusicKat Vokes, Barbara Byers


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