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Excess Flesh

Jill has a pretty big fixation on her weight, and having a sexy and socially successful roommate like Jennifer doesn't help at all. His obsession to be like her will be accentuated as time passes, until it becomes something as obsessive as it is dangerous.

Patrick Kennelly
Bethany Or, Mary Loveless, Wes McGee, Kristin Minter, Jill Jacobson, Sheresade Poblet, Dana L. Wilson, Braeden Baade, Allen Rueckert, Doug Locke
United States

Patrick Kennelly

As well as working as a full-time video post-production guru (editing, sound design, coloring, post supervision), PATRICK KENNELLY writes, produces, directs, and curates for film & video, theater, live events and the visual arts. In his highly stylized and darkly surreal genre-infused works, Kennelly examines the prismatic nature of identity - broken, mistaken, clashed, crossed, unknown.


1000 Ways to Die (2021) Exoskeletal (2021) Danse Macabre (2020) Hammurabi (2020) Nidorina (2019) InTime (2019) Umwelt (2019) Ira (2018) Excess Flesh (2015) Body & Blood (2014) Sudden Death (2013) Ten Minutes Is Two Hours (2013)


ScreenwriterSigrid Gilmer, Patrick Kennelly
ProductionLeo Garcia, Patrick Kennelly
MusicJonathan Snipes
EditionCristina Bercovitz, Patrick Kennelly