To his great surprise, Elias Duyster, a serial killer sentenced to life, is visited by his estranged daughter Fia. Elias hopes for reconciliation, but all Fia wants from him is a signature on a medical certificate. Then their conversation takes a sinister turn.

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Jonas Govaerts
Anne-Laure Vandeputte, Gene Bervoets

Jonas Govaerts

Jonas Govaerts (*1980) is a director of film, tv and music videos, hailing from Antwerp, Belgium. After directing a few award-winning shorts in the horror genre, Govaerts made his feature debut with the boyscout-themed slasher CUB (2014), which premiered at TIFFF, and won Govaerts the Best Director award in Sitges. Govaerts followed up CUB with the supernatural thriller series TABULA RASA (2017), which became a worldwide Netflix hit. Most recently, Govaerts co-directed the surreal comedy series F*** YOU VERY VERY MUCH (2021) for Belgian television.


2004: Mobius (short) 2005: Forever (short) 2007: Of Cats & Women (short) 2008: Abused (short) 2009: Super8 (tv mini-series) 2010: MONSTER! (tv-series) 2014: Welp aka Cub (feature) 2017: Tabula Rasa (tv-series) 2021: Transfer (short) 2021: F*** You Very Very Much (tv-series) 2022: H4Z4RD (feature, pre-production)


ScreenwriterJoey O'Bryan
ProductionGilles De Schryver, Gilles Coulier, Maarten Moerkerke, Guy Goedgezelschap
MusicYounes Faltakh
EditionMaarten Janssens


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