Molins Horror Games

Do you want to spend a different day at TerrorMolins with horror and mystery table games? Come to the playful days of Molins Horror Games on November 7 at the basement of El Molí. Enjoy lots of fun proposals with the whole family, friends or with the same publishers who visit us.

We are visited by Synergic Games with the advanced demo of Harakiri: Blades of Honor, Tempo Games with Runaljod: The sound of the runes; the game of the publisher DMZ Adele and its designer Alberto Reyes; the publisher of recent creation Bumble3ee Interactive and its games arrived from Kickstarter; the author David Velasco will visit us to show all his novelties linked to his last book-game Expediente Annunaki and the game of Mas que Oca, Cave Evil; the designer Lluis Collelldemont and other authors of the association Ludo; Token Synapse and 2 Tomatoes with Stress Botics; Pak Gallego, editor and designer of GdM with many of his novelties; the next game Trepanation from the publisher Games4gamers and many other surprises.

We will also have games from Zombie Paella, Asmodee, Maldito Games, TCG Factory, Sd games, Ravensburger, Devir, Mercurio, 2 Tomatoes, GenX, Invedars, Melmac Games, Ludonova, Eclipse Editorial, Last Level, Ediciones Primigenio...

Moreover, we will have all day a shop specialized in tabletop games where you can buy terrifying games: Júpiter Juegos Barcelona.

* Harakiri: Blades of Honor:
* Runaljod: The sound of runes:
* David Velasco:
* Libro Juego Brujería:
* Cave Evil:
* Franky:
* Agus y los monstruos:
* Asesinato en la Mansión Cthulhu:
* Trepanation:
* Ekonos:
* Stress Botics:
* Editorial Bumble3ee Interactive:
* Editorial 2 Tomatoes:
* Editorial Do It:
* Editorial Tranjis:
* Editorial Mercurio:
* Grup editor Asmodee:
* Editorial Devir:


06 Nov 10:00

Escola el Palau