Someone's home

Pablo has been kidnapped at Ágata's house for about a month, and he still can't understand why. Today, Ágata is nervous because it is a clear and calm night, the moon is shining, and she knows that it's going to be very special for both of them.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Sant Cugat Fantàstic (Selecció Oficial)
40 Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei

Cris Gambín, Toni Pinel
Montse Ribadellas, José García

Cris Gambín & Toni Pinel

Cris Gambín and Toni Pinel have been making short films and other audiovisual productions together for more than 10 years. ANNA (2015) and ZOMBIOSI (2018) have been their most successful works, with a presence in dozens of festivals around the world, and with which they have won several awards and nominations. In July 2021 they assumed the direction of the FIC-CAT Festival, after several years as collaborators and deputy directors.


SHORT FILMS: Cases d'algú (2021), Zombiosi (2018), Vincles (2017), Humans (2016), ANNA (2015), Entrecuento de Navidad (2013), Anima (2011) FEATURES: Cinema amb Ç (documental, 2018)


ScreenwriterCris Gambín
ProductionCris Gambín, Toni Pinel
MusicToni Pinel
EditionCris Gambín, Toni Pinel


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