Dia del cinema català

This morning, Lira speeds up her last training before Saturday's competition. She runs the athletics track without noticing that a silhouette is watching her from the stands.

“The Holy Yield” tells the story of Jeremy, an ambitious construction planner, whose morals will be challenged when he is ordered to build an apartment block over the ruins of an ancient monastery. A gothic eco-drama, the short explores the tension between tradition and modernity with a touch of dark humour.

A lost girl is drawn into the extravagant and frenetic world of show business. She has a single opportunity to prove her worth to the audience and become the star of the night. However, one misstep could lead her to be devoured by the most voracious critics. Will she be able to captivate the spectators and survive one more night?

Ovidi, a seven-year-old boy, and his Tió Ramón spend Christmas Eve for the first time at the home of his father's partner, Veronique, and her French family. The presence of the Tió will threaten family stability... At Christmas, it's better to knock on wood.

This year, Marc and Anna’s holidays are going to be different. They’ve decided to swap houses with Hans and Olga, a couple of senior Germans who they have met through a website. The house-swapping turns into a nightmare when Marc and Anna find out that Hans and Olga don’t just want to trade houses.

Alba is going to leave the house that she shares with Mrs. Hortensia, through an exchange program between students and elderly people. Before leaving they celebrate the lady's birthday, and that night the true intentions of each other are discovered.

Ester's cell phone keeps ringing. Damià tries to contact her anyway, demanding an explanation after she runs away from home unilaterally breaking off the relationship. His voice notes prolong Ester's nightmare, who, still confused and scared, will begin to feel the presence of an ancestral heartbeat; of a dream universe that connects her with an ancient force and through which she will begin to perceive some of the answers she needs.

A photographer fond of sneaking into uninhabited and inhospitable houses to capture gloomy photos makes his latest foray. When he has finished his photographic report, he notices a small detail. The photograph exhibited in the main hall has something strange. Something that did not appear at first. Little by little, he realizes that this something is an almost demonic figure. And it's getting closer.

Ona, a creative executive of a large company, is about to launch the latest technological revolution into the market: a device that allows listening to music directly inside the brain.

A policeman investigates a sordid case of murder and rape. The victims were tortured in an abandoned factory by criminals who are still missing today. One of them has survived, and in the interrogation she has detailed the tortures they both suffered. Listening to her testimony in the privacy of his home, the policeman is shocked by the story.

"Among The Others" is an absorbing dystopian odyssey set in a world where smiling becomes a mandatory mask for survival. In this alternate reality, humans share their existence with a mysterious species that, at first glance, resembles them physically, but with an unsettling peculiarity: they never stop smiling. The smile in this world is much more than an expression of joy; it's a tool for survival. The plot follows the epic journey of two siblings, Sandra and Bruno, who, in the face of the growing oppression of The Others, are forced to embark on a perilous journey to a hidden bunker on the border of their town. This refuge is rumored to be the last haven where humans can escape the relentless smiles of The Others and, consequently, their transformation into one of them. Society in "Among The Others" is under constant emotional surveillance. The Others can detect any hint of sadness, frustration, or anger in humans. Any lack of happiness is perceived as a threat, and those who do not smile constantly are transformed into one of The Others. This transformation subjects them to an irreversible loss of their humanity. Sandra and Bruno, determined to escape this horror, initiate their journey towards the bunker. As they progress through an increasingly dark and dangerous world, they must maintain the appearance of happiness at all times, even in the most desperate moments. The smile becomes their shield and sword in this fight for survival. The narrative of "Among The Others" is filled with suspense and tension. Each encounter with The Others is a life-or-death confrontation, where the ability to maintain a smile becomes a deadly game. Furthermore, the story explores profound themes about the true nature of happiness and the social pressure to feign constant joy.

A camera crew documents the struggles of three friends who moved to a haunted apartment lured by its low rent.

Activitat exclusiva per a curtmetratgistes finalistes de Ç-Trencada. Gonzalo G. Lobato, specialist in communication strategies and market analysis. Coordinator of marketing campaigns for films such as 'Mediterráneo' (Marcel Barrena), 'Ane' (David Pérez Sañudo), 'La Mort de Guillem' by Carlos Marqués-Marcet - with record crowdfunding - 'As Bestas' (Rodrigo Sorogoyen ) or "Robot Dreams" (Pablo Berger) among others. He is a professor at ESCAC in the "postgraduate course in film business" and collaborates with European training programs such as the Talents Generator Factory of the Torino Short Film Market, one of the most important short film markets. important in the world. He will talk to us about how to manage your career, create your personal brand, make a good festival strategy, and navigate labs and markets, among other things.

Online meeting with the authors and crew of the finalist works of the Ç-Trencada Competitive Section of the Festival. An enriching experience for anyone who loves film and a unique opportunity in which the short filmmakers will present their work and share their experiences, challenges, anecdotes and much more. We will avoid spoilers! The virtual meeting will be open to the public. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCURzD8bifQ

Eu non creo nas meigas, mais habelas hainas. No crec en les bruixes, però n'hi ha. No creo en las brujas, però haberlas, haylas. Ez dut sorginetan sinisten, baina egon badaude. Morning where we will have the pleasure of enjoying a talk with representatives and friends of the TAC (Terror Arreu de Catalunya). Taking advantage of this year's theme, a title of this type may be more appropriate for the talk. That is, the visibility-INVISIBILITY of women in the film industry and gender in addition: habelas hainas. Thus, we will not talk about the figure of women represented in genre cinema according to the male gaze (male gaze) but about women in different areas such as film creation, the industry and other areas. With Sabina Pujol, Menchu Sesar, Olga Bel Giménez and Cris Gambin.

Lights, Camera, Celebration! We close the day dedicated to short films with a Party, a night of cinematic splendor in the company of the Festival family. During the Party we will announce the Audience Award for the Ç-Trencada Section. *Limited capacity

Screening of the short films selected for the Ç-Trencada Section dedicated to Catalan production or speaking works and awards ceremony. During the session we will enjoy the finalist projects that qualify for the Best Short Film Award Section Ç-Trencada -Prize awarded by NRD Multimedia- and the Audience Award. During the Gala, the Best Short Film Award will be presented. In addition, we will award this year's Honorary Award to Catalan director, screenwriter, film producer and actress Mar Targarona.

Exclusive activity for Ç-Trencada finalist short filmmakers. Meeting with Caye Casas, who will tell us how he has built his career as a director and screenwriter, managing successes in both short films and feature films. Film director and scriptwriter, he has made several short films, most notably 'NADA S.A.' and 'R.I.P.', achieving more than 200 awards and more than 500 selections in national and international festivals. In 2017 he premiered his first feature film entitled MATAR A DIOS, considered the best independent film of the year and became the most awarded comedy in Spanish cinema after winning more than 30 international awards. He has developed several series projects, feature film scripts, series and advertising, book adaptations, documentaries and script analysis for different production companies. This 2023 he premieres his second feature film LA MESITA DEL COMEDOR, which opens this edition of TerrorMolins.