Dia del Cinema Català: Morning with the TAC

Eu non creo nas meigas, mais habelas hainas.
No crec en les bruixes, però n'hi ha.
No creo en las brujas, però haberlas, haylas.
Ez dut sorginetan sinisten, baina egon badaude.

Morning where we will have the pleasure of enjoying a talk with representatives and friends of the TAC (Terror Arreu de Catalunya).

Taking advantage of this year's theme, a title of this type may be more appropriate for the talk. That is, the visibility-INVISIBILITY of women in the film industry and gender in addition: habelas hainas.
Thus, we will not talk about the figure of women represented in genre cinema according to the male gaze (male gaze) but about women in different areas such as film creation, the industry and other areas.

With Sabina Pujol, Menchu Sesar, Olga Bel Giménez and Cris Gambin.


05 Nov 12:00

Sala d'exposicions de Ca n'Ametller

Picture of Sabina Pujol Cruells

Sabina Pujol Cruells

The passion for images and language led me to study film at the Escola de Guionistes de Barcelona and at Micro Obert; later I graduated in English Philology and did the Master's in Audiovisual Translation at the UAB. I currently work as an audiovisual translator (subtitler) for different festivals and VOD platforms and I am part of the programming team of the B-Retina festival in Cornellà de Llobregat. I was a jury at Fantàstik Granollers (2022). I also collaborate with the Cryptshow and with everything that has to do with cinema in general, if it can be genre, the better.

Picture of Mentxu Sesar

Mentxu Sesar

Mentxu Sesar (Bilbao, 1974) director of video clips, short films and producer of several documentaries. Fantastic genre lover, she created along with Asier Abio the group, producer of the short film BARIKU LIGHT with international distribution, among other works. She took part in Fant with SPUTNIK!!, a documentary on guerrilla films in Catalonia. She defends cinema from the trench, and has co-written a fiction feature film, a punk comedy currently in process of development. Furthermore, she is shaping DEPREDADOR, a project which combines illustration, audiovisual and other formats, in order to share thoughts about how the human animal interacts with its environment.

Picture of Olga Bel Giménez

Olga Bel Giménez

Degree in Art History at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. After completing the Cinematography Course at the University of Valladolid, he embarked on the direction of the Short Film Exhibition Dr. Mabuse, who was in charge from 2002 to 2021, she is currently still involved in programming tasks. During this time he has also collaborated with Andalocio magazine as a correspondent for several film festivals, coordinated a dramaturgy literary competition and carried out theatrical production tasks. He has also been part of the jury at the Cryptshow Festival (2011), the Skepto International Film Festival (2013 and 2014), Cortos con K (2014), Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival - Brigadoon section (2014), Fascurt (2015) and Cowards Festival (2018). Unconditional friend of the TAC also collaborated as a jury for the TAC award in 2014.

Picture of Cris Gambín

Cris Gambín

Graduate in Journalism. She has been making short films and other audiovisual productions for more than 10 years at the independent film production company The Kill Screen Films. In 2018 we made our first feature film, the documentary Cinema amb Ç, which can currently be seen on the Filmin platform. Our productions have been selected in festivals around the world, with Zombiosi being our most notable success, with forty selections and twenty awards and recognitions. What I like most is creating stories, and seeing them grow later in the hands of the entire team. I am currently co-director of the FIC-CAT festival, together with Toni Pinel. I am a member of Dones Visuals, the Association of Women Filmmakers of Catalonia, a member of the Catalan Cinema Academy and a collaborator of the magazine El Cinèfil. The short “Cases d'algú” has passed through Molins, Baidefest, Sant Cugat Fantàstik.


SHORT FILMS: Cases d'algú (2021), Zombiosi (2018), Vincles (2017), Humans (2016), ANNA (2015), Entrecuento de Navidad (2013), Anima (2011) FEATURE: Cinema amb Ç (documentary, 2018)