Activitat exclusiva per a curtmetratgistes finalistes de Ç-Trencada. Gonzalo G. Lobato, specialist in communication strategies and market analysis. Coordinator of marketing campaigns for films such as 'Mediterráneo' (Marcel Barrena), 'Ane' (David Pérez Sañudo), 'La Mort de Guillem' by Carlos Marqués-Marcet - with record crowdfunding - 'As Bestas' (Rodrigo Sorogoyen ) or "Robot Dreams" (Pablo Berger) among others. He is a professor at ESCAC in the "postgraduate course in film business" and collaborates with European training programs such as the Talents Generator Factory of the Torino Short Film Market, one of the most important short film markets. important in the world. He will talk to us about how to manage your career, create your personal brand, make a good festival strategy, and navigate labs and markets, among other things.

"Stereotypes and biases in cinema in a feminine key" In this round table we will talk about the collective imagination and the interrelationships with the world of the seventh art towards the figure of the Witch. In addition, we will present a study that investigates this, made for the occasion by Carme Puche and Sergio Álvarez-Napagao making thoughtful use of Artificial Intelligence. Speakers: - Carme Puche Moré (Filmmaker and Vice President of Dones Visuals) - Sergio Álvarez-Napagao (Professor and researcher at the UPC. Filmmaker.) - Magdalena Oliver (Journalist. Deputy director and co-screenwriter of “Bruixes, la gran mentida”, award-winning television documentary production) - Moderator: Vibha Daryanani Melwani (Producer and creator). Free entrance

Online meeting with the authors and crew of the finalist works of the Ç-Trencada Competitive Section of the Festival. An enriching experience for anyone who loves film and a unique opportunity in which the short filmmakers will present their work and share their experiences, challenges, anecdotes and much more. We will avoid spoilers! The virtual meeting will be open to the public.

Face-to-face meeting of Spanish and Argentine producers. This activity, which includes a "germanor dinar", is part of the III Argentina-Spain Co-production Forum and is exclusive for Forum attendees, although all the people attending the second day of activities of the Professional Conference will share networking spaces there with many of those assistant producers.

5 Argentine projects and 5 Spanish projects with the possibility of Ibero-American co-production will be presented to the production companies in attendance. Each project will have a presentation and question time. This activity is part of the 2nd Argentina-Spain Co-production Forum and is exclusively for those attending the Forum.

An Argentinian and a Spanish production company tell us about their experience co-producing their latest feature film. This activity is part of the III Argentina-Spain Co-production Forum and is exclusive for those attending the Forum and accredited people from industry and the 2022 Professional Conference. For more information:

INDUSTRY ACTIVITIES | Offline & online

Organized as a meeting point between emerging filmmakers of horror and fantasy genre, and the film industry, the purpose of these Industry Days is to offer new authors a conducive space for creating networks, exchanging and improving knowledge, and maturing of projects. You can participate with your own project or without it, and its program consists of talks and workshops designed for filmmakers, where other professionals share their experience and knowledge. Also a Pitching of Projects to production companies, previously selected and accompanied. The Industry Days are a non-profit event made possible year after year, since 2010, thanks to the enthusiastic and altruistic collaboration of artists, professionals, companies and entities of the film industry. The current event format, however, has its origin in 2016, and it is quickly being confirmed as a proposal of high interest both for filmmakers and participating companies, as well as for the attending public. PROGRAMA 2023:

Eu non creo nas meigas, mais habelas hainas. No crec en les bruixes, però n'hi ha. No creo en las brujas, però haberlas, haylas. Ez dut sorginetan sinisten, baina egon badaude. Morning where we will have the pleasure of enjoying a talk with representatives and friends of the TAC (Terror Arreu de Catalunya). Taking advantage of this year's theme, a title of this type may be more appropriate for the talk. That is, the visibility-INVISIBILITY of women in the film industry and gender in addition: habelas hainas. Thus, we will not talk about the figure of women represented in genre cinema according to the male gaze (male gaze) but about women in different areas such as film creation, the industry and other areas. With Sabina Pujol, Menchu Sesar, Olga Bel Giménez and Cris Gambin.

Lights, Camera, Celebration! We close the day dedicated to short films with a Party, a night of cinematic splendor in the company of the Festival family. During the Party we will announce the Audience Award for the Ç-Trencada Section. *Limited capacity

Screening of the short films selected for the Ç-Trencada Section dedicated to Catalan production or speaking works and awards ceremony. During the session we will enjoy the finalist projects that qualify for the Best Short Film Award Section Ç-Trencada -Prize awarded by NRD Multimedia- and the Audience Award. During the Gala, the Best Short Film Award will be presented. In addition, we will award this year's Honorary Award to Catalan director, screenwriter, film producer and actress Mar Targarona.

Exclusive activity for Ç-Trencada finalist short filmmakers. Meeting with Caye Casas, who will tell us how he has built his career as a director and screenwriter, managing successes in both short films and feature films. Film director and scriptwriter, he has made several short films, most notably 'NADA S.A.' and 'R.I.P.', achieving more than 200 awards and more than 500 selections in national and international festivals. In 2017 he premiered his first feature film entitled MATAR A DIOS, considered the best independent film of the year and became the most awarded comedy in Spanish cinema after winning more than 30 international awards. He has developed several series projects, feature film scripts, series and advertising, book adaptations, documentaries and script analysis for different production companies. This 2023 he premieres his second feature film LA MESITA DEL COMEDOR, which opens this edition of TerrorMolins.