“The Holy Yield” tells the story of Jeremy, an ambitious construction planner, whose morals will be challenged when he is ordered to build an apartment block over the ruins of an ancient monastery. A gothic eco-drama, the short explores the tension between tradition and modernity with a touch of dark humour.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Molins Horror Film Festival 2023

Diego Collado Castells
Nicholas Gill, Joshua Moore, Terry Duccio Baldasseroni
United Kingdom

Diego Collado Castells

I am a 23-year old director and writer from Barcelona, currently living in London, UK. After my experience working as assistant editor in Spain, I studied Classics at University College London. There, I joined the UCL Film & TV Society, of which I was president for two years and where I oversaw and co-produced many different narrative projects, as well as restarted 16mm film production. Professionally, I have been working at the Japanese Public Broadcaster (NHK)'s European branch in London.


- A Flight of Fancy (2023) - The Holy Yield (2023) - Violet (2020) - El mar (2017) - Barcelona Against Drink-Driving (2016)


ScreenwriterDiego Collado
ProductionCampdale Motion
EditionDiego Collado


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