Out of Competition

Yasuko lives in a high-rise apartment in the city with her husband and her son. Nervous about prank calls and salesmen's solicitations, she slams the door on a salesman's finger when he tries to forcibly insert a pamphlet through her door chain. This leads him to start harassing her, starting off with obscene letters written on her door then steadily escalating to full on stalking, building up to an unbelievable last 30 minutes of chaos!

Karen, a young girl obsessed with the influencer of the moment, Kamilah Kay, decides to have surgery to look like her. When she sees that the new Karen is going down so well on social media, she begins to use her savings for more operations. The more closely she resembles Kamilah and the less she resembles herself, her life gets better, until one day something horrible shakes up her new idyllic life.

I love horror films. I love knitting. I love feminism. The impetus for this particular project came out of a response to re-reading ‘When the woman looks’ (1984), Linda Williams’ canonical essay on horror film and gender. Here, I have brought together my three passions to ask, what happens when the woman knits? Or, to be more precise: what happens when the woman knits in a horror film?

A young woman’s cry for help falls on deaf ears as a family holds her hostage. Keen on getting their only son married, who has ‘chosen' her as the one, the family is willing to go to any lengths to fulfill his wish and unite them forever. As the gagged and bound bride is dragged in for the ceremony, the events take an even more sinister and shocking turn, that end up changing the course of this unholy ritual.

This year, Marc and Anna’s holidays are going to be different. They’ve decided to swap houses with Hans and Olga, a couple of senior Germans who they have met through a website. The house-swapping turns into a nightmare when Marc and Anna find out that Hans and Olga don’t just want to trade houses.