A photographer fond of sneaking into uninhabited and inhospitable houses to capture gloomy photos makes his latest foray. When he has finished his photographic report, he notices a small detail. The photograph exhibited in the main hall has something strange. Something that did not appear at first. Little by little, he realizes that this something is an almost demonic figure. And it's getting closer.

Festivals, awards and nominations

BCN Fantasy Film Fest (Best Short Film for Photography), Molins Horror Film Festival (Secció Ç - Trencada), FangoFest Amposta (Finalist Best Horror Short Film)

Roger Cadavieco
Ernesto Prats
No dialogue

Roger Cadavieco

Roger Cadavieco is a director and screenwriter born in Barcelona in 1979. After graduating in audiovisual communication, he began writing scripts for television and later went behind the cameras to film advertising spots. In 2015 he created the advertising production company El Cable Rojo, focusing on doing what he likes most: telling stories.


La fotografía (2023)


ScreenwriterRoger Cadavieco, Rubén Estefania
ProductionRubén Estefanía
EditionRoger Cadavieco, Rubén Estefania