A lost girl is drawn into the extravagant and frenetic world of show business. She has a single opportunity to prove her worth to the audience and become the star of the night. However, one misstep could lead her to be devoured by the most voracious critics. Will she be able to captivate the spectators and survive one more night?

Maélie Jaffrin, Maria Olivé
Laia Cubilles, Toni Valle Raull, Nati Birnbach.

Maélie Jaffrin & Maria Olivé

Maélie Jaffrin and Maria Olivé are graduates in Audiovisual Communication, and they created the short film together with other classmates. They share their passion for cinema, although they have different preferences in terms of styles and tastes. Maélie is interested in everyday life and the human condition, while Maria is drawn to science fiction and noir horror. "Efémeras" is the first professional project they have directed, although they have continued to develop in the world of filmmaking.


Maélie Jaffrin: Efímeros (2021), Te quieros (2021), Efémeras (2022), Noches de serendipia (2023), Arranca (2023). Maria Olivé: Entre dos pols (2021) Desolats (2021,) Efémeras (2022)


ScreenwriterMaria Olivé, Alejandra Garayar, Paula Balsebre
ProductionAbril Ramoneda, Cloé Chaillou, Léa Cardinal
MusicEnric López Queralt
EditionMaria Olivé, Sandra Santos,Maélie Jaffrin


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