Alba is going to leave the house that she shares with Mrs. Hortensia, through an exchange program between students and elderly people. Before leaving they celebrate the lady's birthday, and that night the true intentions of each other are discovered.

Festivals, awards and nominations

- Selecció oficial al Festival de Sitges
- Secció Ç-Trencada Molins Horror Film Festival

Alberto Evangelio
Maria Caballero, Isabel Requena, Pilar Martínez, Ramón Rodenas
Catalan, spanish

Alberto Evangelio

Director, screenwriter and producer of the movie “Visitante (Visitor)” (2022), distributed by Filmax, premiered in the Official Fantastic Competition in Sitges Film Festival and nominated for Best Picture in Premios Gaudí. His shorts have received more than 200 recognitions. These last months have directed several chapters of the series "L'ALQUERIA BLANCA" for À Punt Mèdia. His last two shorts ("EXCHANGE" and "THE ACCOMPLICES") will participate in Sitges Film Festival and Terrormolins.


- Los Cómplices (2023, shortfilm) - Intercanvi (2023, shortfilm) - Visitante (2021, feature film) - Diumenge paella (2019, series) - Casa (2019, shortfilm) - La Cruz (2012, shortfilm)


ScreenwriterAlberto Evangelio
ProductionBENIWOOD PRODUCCIONES S.L @beniwood.producciones
MusicCarlos M. Jara
EditionAlberto Evangelio


International sales agentCURTS 2023 vol.2 Institut Valencià de Cultura