A camera crew documents the struggles of three friends who moved to a haunted apartment lured by its low rent.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Terror Molins - Ç-Trencada Section
Curtas Festival Do Imaxinario - Oficial Section
Cine no visto - Oficial Section

Adrián Carande, Pepe Rico, Paula Sánchez Álvarez
Morgan Bautista, Adrián Carande, Albert G. Casademunt, Carla Morales Moncada, Pepe Rico, Paula Sánchez Álvarez

Adrián Carande, Pepe Rico, Paula Sánchez Álvarez

Adrián Carande, Pepe Rico and Paula Sanchez Alvarez are three friend that do a bunch of things separately: working on catalan TV (APM?), in film festivals (Animac, b’Ars), developing films and TV series that sometimes get made (Yrreal) and sometimes don't (most of them)… but, most of all, they write. And now they even direct! Joining forces with their talented buds, this trio has abandoned the safety of their text processors to bring you something that hopefully will make you laugh.


Paula Sánchez Álvarez: script for “Yrreal” and “Llámalo X” / Pepe Rico: script for “APM?” and "Tus Muertos" (Fasten Films) / Adrián Carande: script and animation in “Fora de Lloc”.


ScreenwriterAdrián Carande, Pepe Rico, Paula Sánchez Álvarez
ProductionÀlex Gantzer - Corte A Films
Music"Romàntics com tu" Dijous Taekwondo