"Among The Others" is an absorbing dystopian odyssey set in a world where smiling becomes a mandatory mask for survival. In this alternate reality, humans share their existence with a mysterious species that, at first glance, resembles them physically, but with an unsettling peculiarity: they never stop smiling. The smile in this world is much more than an expression of joy; it's a tool for survival. The plot follows the epic journey of two siblings, Sandra and Bruno, who, in the face of the growing oppression of The Others, are forced to embark on a perilous journey to a hidden bunker on the border of their town. This refuge is rumored to be the last haven where humans can escape the relentless smiles of The Others and, consequently, their transformation into one of them. Society in "Among The Others" is under constant emotional surveillance. The Others can detect any hint of sadness, frustration, or anger in humans. Any lack of happiness is perceived as a threat, and those who do not smile constantly are transformed into one of The Others. This transformation subjects them to an irreversible loss of their humanity. Sandra and Bruno, determined to escape this horror, initiate their journey towards the bunker. As they progress through an increasingly dark and dangerous world, they must maintain the appearance of happiness at all times, even in the most desperate moments. The smile becomes their shield and sword in this fight for survival. The narrative of "Among The Others" is filled with suspense and tension. Each encounter with The Others is a life-or-death confrontation, where the ability to maintain a smile becomes a deadly game. Furthermore, the story explores profound themes about the true nature of happiness and the social pressure to feign constant joy.

A camera crew documents the struggles of three friends who moved to a haunted apartment lured by its low rent.