Ester's cell phone keeps ringing. Damià tries to contact her anyway,
demanding an explanation after she runs away from home unilaterally
breaking off the relationship. His voice notes prolong Ester's nightmare,
who, still confused and scared, will begin to feel the presence
of an ancestral heartbeat; of a dream universe that connects her with
an ancient force and through which she will begin to perceive some
of the answers she needs.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Festival De Málaga. Afirmando Los Derechos De La Mujer 2023 (selection)
Festival Julius 2022 (Best Short Award + 2 more)
Viladrau Fantàstic 2023 (selection)
Galacticat 2023 (selection)
Manlleu Film Festival 2023 (selection)

Ferran Carbonell
Joana Rodríguez Miró, Núria Casals Camps, Pep Paré Jiménez

Ferran Carbonell

Professor at Escola d'Art de Vic, at ESDAP Catalunya and at the Master's Degree in Video Game Design and Development at the UOC. He considers himself an amateur director who loves audiovisual language. He began his career in 2018 from the participation in the Vicsudon within the Festival Nits de Cinema Oriental de Vic. From Capsa de Scapa he won an award for the best interpretation at the Julius Festival in Vic for the short Cobi Garcia, inspired by the Akira manga by Katsuhiro Otomo.


Cobi Garcia - 2021 Robot Delivery - 2020


ScreenwriterJordi Moreno Crespi, Ferran Carbonell Pous
ProductionLa Capsa / Ferran Carbonell
MusicÀlex Pujols Canudas


International sales agentFerran Carbonell