Catalan Cinema Day: Gala Ç-Trencada

06 Nov 18:45 (El Foment)

Screening of the selected shorts from the Ç-Trencada section, awards ceremony and a talk on "the state of Catalan cinema" that will feature this year's jury of this section dedicated to Catalan shorts. In addition, during the Gala we will enjoy the original music made exclusively for the event by Lucas Bittini.

14th century, northern Spain. After the shipwreck of the Santa Isabel, the lifeless body of Fray Miguel appears on the shores of San Roque. As night falls, the monks take him back to his old abbey, unaware that his corpse is infected with a creature from the deep sea.

Francisco is trying to cancel his contract with his phone provider. What was supposed to be a mere formality becomes a Kafkaesque nightmare.

A statue wakes up after a lifetime of sleep. His fears arise in a distorted reality and his inner self will become his greatest adversary.

Three motley friends, who base their economy on the loot they get by robbing houses, find themselves involved in a frantic race for survival. They hit the wrong house and are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to release a boy who was being held against his will in one of the rooms of the house. They decide to take it with them and start a winding road back home by car. They stop at a gas station to refuel and a few kilometers later, a strange vehicle begins to chase them. After several attempts he manages to get them off the road. Recovering from the fright, the boy takes advantage of the confusion and flees. The driver of the pursuing vehicle does not give up and does not stop until he achieves his objective: to recover what is his.

The risks should never be underestimated. John and Lucía wanted to escape from routine and took refuge in the mountains, although Lucía did not have the same plans in store for them.

Tribute to Hammer cinema and fanterror through its two female icons: the virgin and the vampire, trapped by a crucifix in an endless loop.

After spending more than a year without contact with her family, Isa receives the news that her nephew Carlos is going to visit her. She pressured by a couple who does not like children, she will have to make decisions that will mark her forever.

Something is hiding in the closet and won't let you sleep.

Helga spends a few days with her grandparents whom she hasn't seen for years, two sinister old people who live in a huge Catalan farmhouse lost in the middle of nowhere.

Ovidi, a seven-year-old boy, and his Tió Ramón spend Christmas Eve for the first time at the home of Veronique's French family, his father's partner. The presence of the Tió will threaten family stability... At Christmas, it's better to knock on wood.

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Within the events of the Catalan Cinema Day, the Ç-Trencada Gala will feature a talk on the state of Catalan cinema. We will have the participation of the Ç-Trencada Jury, Competitive Section of the Festival, made up of Montse Majench, Olga Iglesias and Cris Gambín. And as moderator we will have producer Vibha Daryanani.