Tribute to Hammer cinema and fanterror through its two female icons: the virgin and the vampire, trapped by a crucifix in an endless loop.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Selections: Sombra Festival, Festival de Terror de Sabadell, Fantboi, Viladrau Fantàstic, Fancine de Lemos, Fangofest, BCN Fantasy Film Fest and Terrormolins.

Daniel Noblom
Judit Ampudia
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Daniel Noblom

Degree in Advertising (UB) and Graduated in Film Direction (ECIB), with a Master's Degree in Screenwriting (ECIB) and specialized courses in BCN Showrunners. His short films stand out "Trabucos y pistolas" (2016), "No apto para menores" (2019), "Perdona, estaba durmiendo" (2021) and "Eternal" (2022). He has worked as a script analyst and has directed eight plays, and is currently a professor of script and audiovisual language at SAE Institute Barcelona and Catalonia Film School.


"Trabucos y pistolas" (2016), "No apto para menores" (2019), "Perdona, estava dormint" (2021), "Eternal" (2022)


ScreenwriterDaniel Noblom
ProducerForest Film Studio
EditorGuillem Barceló


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