New sessions and last-minute changes will appear here as the dates of the festival come closer.
27-1019:00Exhibition opening "Terror: The Musical" by Escola JOSOSala d'exposicions de Ca n'AmetllerExhibitions
0h 30min
27-1019:30Fanzine presentation 'Balla-la-dalla textos sobre música, terror y cine'Sala d'exposicions de Ca n'AmetllerBook releases
1h 0min
02-1119:00Round table "The Leap from Short to Feature: Breaking the Glass Ceiling"TerrorMolins TVIndustry activities
1h 10min
03-1118:00Talk "Saloum: horror digressions in african cinema"TerrorMolins TVTalks
1h 0min
04-1121:15Opening: Mad Heidi + HuellaLa PeniBloody Madness
Globus Presencial
1h 46min
05-1110:00Film workshop for children (+8 years): “My first horror scene” by Quim CrusellasBiblioteca el MolíTerror Kids
3h 0min
05-1111:00Double Session: Everybody Dies by the End + The Price We PayLa PeniBloody Madness
2h 56min
05-1111:30Literary Vermouth + DocumentaryEl FomentOther activities
3h 30min
05-1116:30TerrorKids Musical (+6 years): Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas El FomentRetrospective
1h 20min
05-1117:001st Block - Official Short Films Section in Competition.La PeniOfficial Section
1h 17min
05-1119:00Live Podcast: Little Shop of Horrors Podcast and other horror musicalsEl FomentOther activities
1h 0min
05-1119:152nd Block - Official Short Films Section in CompetitionLa PeniOfficial Section
1h 16min
05-1121:00THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE + LIVE SHOWEl FomentRetrospective
2h 0min
05-1122:003rd Block - Official Short Films Section in CompetitionLa PeniOfficial Section
1h 18min
06-1110:00Molins Horror GamesEscola el Palau Molins Horror Games
06-1111:00Participatory experience (+2 years): "The Photocall of the Witches"Pista de La PeniTerror Kids
1h 30min
06-1111:30Children’s handicraft workshop (+2 years): Let’s make a terrorific maskPista de La PeniTerror Kids
2h 0min
06-1111:30TerrorKids (+6 years): Horror short films family show 2022La PeniTerror Kids
1h 30min
06-1111:30Reading area (+2 years): Terrifying readingsPista de La PeniTerror Kids
2h 0min
06-1111:30Catalan Cinema Day: Morning with the TACEl FomentOther activities
2h 0min
06-1116:00SissyLa PeniBloody Madness
1h 42min
06-1116:00 Catalan Cinema Day: Sincopat + Avemaria + Q&AEl FomentOut of Competition
1h 22min
06-1118:00Unicorn WarsLa PeniOfficial Section
1h 31min
06-1118:45 Catalan Cinema Day: Gala Ç-TrencadaEl FomentTalks
Other activities
4h 30min
06-1120:00Terrifier 2La PeniBloody Madness
2h 20min
07-1110:00Muestra de Cortometrajes de Terror para Institutos 2022La PeniÇ-Trencada
Official Section
Secondary School Session
Horror Room
1h 30min
07-1117:00Joan Valent Tribute + Triamusica ConcertEl FomentOther activities
2h 0min
07-1117:15Double Session: O corpo aberto + SaloumLa PeniOfficial Section
Being Different
2h 55min
07-1117:30Contes menuts (0-3 years): La lluna a la finestra, by Sherezade BardajíBiblioteca el MolíTerror Kids
0h 30min
07-1119:00Para entrar a Vivir + Slasher + Mesa Redonda IndustriaEl FomentIndustry activities
Out of Competition
3h 54min
07-1120:45Double Session: Huesera + Feed meLa PeniBloody Madness
Official Section
3h 10min
08-1116:00Retrospective: Little Shop of Horrors (Unreleased version in theaters)El FomentRetrospective
1h 34min
08-1117:15Double Session: Jacky Caillou + WolfkinLa PeniBeing Different
Official Section
3h 2min
08-1118:00Retrospective: Anna and the ApocalypseEl FomentRetrospective
1h 32min
08-1119:00Meeting with Colin Arthur, master of special effects, with an exhibition of original workSala d'exposicions de Ca n'AmetllerTalks
1h 0min
08-1120:00True Survivor: Poultrygeist (Retrospective) + Holy MotherEl FomentRetrospective
True Survivor
3h 18min
08-1120:45Double Session: Speak No Evil + Candy LandLa PeniOfficial Section
3h 10min
09-1110:00Talk: Terrifying stereotypes: an approach to the representation of genders from horrorLa PeniHorror Room
1h 0min
09-1110:30Industry Days 2022El FomentIndustry activities
3h 30min
09-1112:00Talk: Terrifying stereotypes: an approach to the representation of genders from horrorLa PeniHorror Room
1h 0min
09-1116:00Industry Days 2022El FomentIndustry activities
3h 15min
09-1117:15Double Session: Seire + ZalavaLa PeniBeing Different
3h 15min
09-1120:30True Survivor: Lagunas, la guarida del diablo + PussyCakeEl FomentTrue Survivor
2h 48min
09-1120:45Double Session: Soft & Quiet + A Wounded FawnLa PeniBeing Different
3h 2min
10-1110:00Industry Days 2022El FomentIndustry activities
3h 30min
10-1113:00Spanish-Argentine meeting of producersEl FomentIndustry activities
2h 0min
10-1117:00 Motelx (Special Session of Portuguese Short Films)El FomentSpecial sessions
2h 0min
10-1117:15Double Session: Sick of Myself + Family DinnerLa PeniBeing Different
Official Section
3h 11min
10-1119:30Film Programmers Battle: Semana Donostia vs FanstosfreakEl FomentOther activities
1h 30min
10-1120:45Double Session: Viejos + Before Night FallsLa PeniOfficial Section
3h 16min
10-1122:00Karaoke NightEl FomentOther activities
4h 0min
11-1117:00HypochondriacLa PeniBeing Different
1h 36min
11-1117:30Children's film workshop (+5 years): We discover optical toys, by Drac MàgicBiblioteca el MolíTerror Kids
1h 0min
11-1119:15[REC] Terror sin pausaLa PeniOut of Competition
1h 44min
11-1121:30Closure: Nightmare + En la piel del familiarLa PeniOut of Competition
Globus Presencial
1h 57min
12-1111:00Double Session: Skinamarink + RazzennestLa PeniVideodrome OnStage
3h 1min
12-1117:00Reading Winner List 41th edition TerrorMolinsSala d'exposicions de Ca n'AmetllerOther activities
0h 30min
12-1119:3012 Hours Horror MarathonLa PeniOfficial Section
Bloody Madness
Out of Competition
8h 29min
16-1118:00Experiencias de coproducción iberoamericanaTerrorMolins TVIndustry activities
0h 45min
16-1119:00II Pitching of horror and fantastic projects for Argentina-Spain co-productionTerrorMolins TVIndustry activities
2h 15min

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