Muestra de Cortometrajes de Terror para Institutos 2022

07 Nov 10:00 (La Peni)

Showcase of short films from the last edition. The selection includes works from both Official Section and Secció Ç-Trencada which have been chosen according to the age and interests of the students.
On this occasion, students will be able to participate in a Q&A with Paul Carr, director, and César Terradas, screenwriter, of the short film Happy Anniversary.

1 Llengua amb tàperes
2 A Sickness
3 How to Wash your Hands during the Downfall of Civilization / Cómo Lavarse las Manos mientras la Civilización Colapsa
4 Bloodwater
5 Life in a Box / 恐怖娃娃機
6 The Mop
7 Inhumano
8 Feliz Aniversario

Horarios: 10.00-11.30h (opción A) | 12.00-13.30h (Opción B)
Actividad gratuita, con reserva previa: