Happy Anniversary

A couple who in the past ran over a little girl and ran away, get stick in a terrible revenge plan. When they leave their daughter at a pajama party they get locked down at the basement of the building. There's no way out, they are trapped.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Entre trampas, 2019
Sección Oficial Ficción Festival internacional de Cine Independiente de Elche
Sección Oficial Festival de cortometrajes Sant Andreu de la Barca
Breathe, 2020
Official selection Bizarrya short Film Festival
Official selection The Indie for you Film Festival
Oficial selection Open Air Short Film Festival

Paul Carr
Paul Carr (Director), Aleix Robert Tatjer (Productor), César Terradas (Guionista), Laia Alberch (actriu), Javi López (actor), Andreu Quesada (so), Julia Cuyàs (art), Ale Salvat (Maquillatge), Josep Sobrevals (Asisstent produccio)
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Paul Carr Miquel

Paul Carr began his audiovisual career making video clips and events. He founded the production company Deliris Films together with Aleix Robert and Júlia Cuyas with whom they make video clips and events, as in the beginning, but also advertising and corporate opening the range to a wide variety of audiovisual content. From Deliris Films, they look for ways to create fiction and begin to make short films with great passion.


Natalia, 2014; Entre trampas, 2019; Breathe, 2020; FELIZ ANIVERSARIO (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY), 2021


ScreenwriterCésar Terradas
ProductionAleix Robert Tatjer