3rd Block - Official Short Films Section in Competition

05 Nov 22:00 (La Peni)

Short Films Session in the Official Section in Competition.
Divided into 3 sessions: 17:00, 19:15 and 22:00.
The same ticket is valid for all 3 sessions.
1 Sarangi
2 永別 - Part Forever
3 Caregiver
4 El Semblante / Facies
5 We got a dog
6 Rise & Shine
7 Legs
8 나는 츄러스 절대 먹기싫어!! / I NEVER WANT TO EAT CHURROS!!

A young boy is lured by the sound of a mysterious stringed instrument, only to discover that the ominous figure that plays it has a hold on more than just his ears.

In the dark hall, candles flickered faintly. A body lay in the middle of the hall. Huei and her husband Wen Hsiung came to say goodbye to Huei’s dearest sister. The seemingly calm and sad farewell ceremony seemed to hide an astonishing and dark secret......

A graduate student interviews a young volunteer caregiver for his class project, but something isn't quite right.

Spain. Year 1692. The Saint Inquisition is slowly declining and, as a reaction, its servants are more cruel than ever. An inquisitor has been looking for a perfect torture device able to grasp the purest face of pain and show the world how wrong it is to serve de Devil. "Facies", the new invention of an engineer, is a terrifying torture chair bound to success. But the designer's daughter, Elena, has different plans.

Morgan comes home to find her boyfriend Mason, has decided to bring in a new pet.

Nancy works in a small gas station shop. Disillusioned, not even the news of an apocalypse seems to worry her. But the sudden arrival of a mysterious customer could change all that. Will Nancy finally find meaning in her life? Or in her death?

Joy and Harry are trying to have a baby. One night, Joy swallows a spider in her sleep. When Joy subsequently develops an insatiable appetite for flies, it dawns on her that there may be more than one way of becoming a mother.

Jun-hee was obsessed with the taste of churros for the first time to eat, and was left alone in a large exhibition hall while looking at the churros. She started to wander to find her friends. Suddenly strange things start to happen to Jun-hee…