An energetic puppy named Noodle would like to play with his lazy kitten friend, MoeMoe,so he goes to make her some coffee. The caffeine kicks in and they both begin to play, however as the days go on. MoeMoe begins to act weird. After each cup she becomes more aggressive, fidgety and her eyes widen. Noodle is terrified of what his friend is becoming and decides to no longer make coffee for his friend. MoeMoe will not have this and threatens Noodle into giving her more, but there is no more coffee left. Noodle wants to save his friend. He trades his collar for some calming leaves he gets from a koala.


A curious child visits his hometown's graveyard in order to help the undertaker on his night duties.


The diligent soldier Mr. Pete does everything to meet the high standarts of his baroness. To satisfy her insatiable lust for speed he shovels madly on her new iron horse`s voyage.


A popcorn character from a vintage theater’s intermission cartoon accidentally runs off his film strip and into the world of the movie playing next; a slasher horror film.


"Do you think I'm lying?" A woman begins to talk, recalling her mystrey experiences as a child.

A short film about the power of motherly love. A mother is forced to show her love for her daughter through physical sacrifice. The film depicts the primitive instincts which help the mother to protect her child from danger.


I like Lego. You like Lego. Everyone likes Lego. But what happens when you start puking up Lego Duplo bricks? Like this: BLEUUUUUURGH. And this: BLEEEUUUUUUUUURGH. Well, there's no need to wonder. Just watch this film and find out.

Jun-hee was obsessed with the taste of churros for the first time to eat, and was left alone in a large exhibition hall while looking at the churros. She started to wander to find her friends. Suddenly strange things start to happen to Jun-hee…

The army bear indoctrine to young recruits for war that librane against unicorns and threatens the security of the Osito people. The Blue and Gordi brothers, together with an inexperienced group of recruits, will be sent to a dangerous mission to save the magical forest. Will the bears prepared for it be?

The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse hold a meeting to analise the estate of humanity and discuss their future strategies. A dying Death calls her mates to convince them the humans should not suffer big tortures, but Famine, Pest and War dream with a humanity caught in helpless world.

October 17, 1961, "Algerian workers" take to the streets to protest against the mandatory curfew imposed by the police prefecture.


When Jack Skellington, the Lord of Halloween, discovers Christmas, he is fascinated and decides to improve it. However, his vision of the holiday is totally contrary to the Christmas spirit. His plans include the kidnapping of Santa Claus and the introduction of some pretty macabre changes. Only his girlfriend Sally is aware of the mistake she is making.