Three motley friends, who base their economy on the loot they get by robbing houses, find themselves involved in a frantic race for survival. They hit the wrong house and are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to release a boy who was being held against his will in one of the rooms of the house. They decide to take it with them and start a winding road back home by car. They stop at a gas station to refuel and a few kilometers later, a strange vehicle begins to chase them. After several attempts he manages to get them off the road. Recovering from the fright, the boy takes advantage of the confusion and flees. The driver of the pursuing vehicle does not give up and does not stop until he achieves his objective: to recover what is his.


When a botched robbery goes awry, and a gang of criminals find themselves injured with a resilient young female hostage in tow they find refuge in an unassuming motel run by brazen organ harvesters. Saving their skin literally becomes a bigger priority than escaping the police and they won’t surrender without an all-around fight to death.


A popcorn character from a vintage theater’s intermission cartoon accidentally runs off his film strip and into the world of the movie playing next; a slasher horror film.

He tells Valeria's story, a woman who has been trying to have a child for some time. Suddenly, the same night in which she finally confirms her pregnancy visits her a strange presence. From that moment on, the monstrous creature persecutes her by keeping her pregnancy, her couple and the life of her future baby in a risky.


Felix is a peasant who lives amongst vineyards in Penedès. One day his grandpa, who is an ancient sorcerer, visits him and tells him that his sister Sara has been kidnapped by the dark sorcerers of the mountain of Sant Cebrià and will be sacrificed to the evil Sorcerer King Morden. This is the reason why Felix is the only one who can face him and give an end to the ancient darkness.


A romantic weekend getaway turns into a surreal nightmare, when a successful museum curator discovers that her date is a serial killer.

A woman realizes she's been catfished by her worst nightmare.

Late at night, an overworked sales manager looks desperately for a parking spot. When he finds he’s not alone, things take a weird turn.