A married woman tries to start a new life but discovers that desire can be a dangerous road with no return (Inspired by the legend of "El embolsadito" from San José del Rincón; Santa Fe, Argentina).

Helga spends a few days with her grandparents whom she hasn't seen for years, two sinister old people who live in a huge Catalan farmhouse lost in the middle of nowhere.


Follows a young man, Jacky Caillou, who lives in a small village in the French Alps with his loving grandmother Gisele, a magnetic healer.


When a botched robbery goes awry, and a gang of criminals find themselves injured with a resilient young female hostage in tow they find refuge in an unassuming motel run by brazen organ harvesters. Saving their skin literally becomes a bigger priority than escaping the police and they won’t surrender without an all-around fight to death.

In a rural environment in the 1940’s, a young widow lives in a state of deep loneliness and misery. Her routine consists of a succession of similar days spent at home or working in the field. But everything becomes worse once a mysterious entity begins to torment her.


Felix is a peasant who lives amongst vineyards in Penedès. One day his grandpa, who is an ancient sorcerer, visits him and tells him that his sister Sara has been kidnapped by the dark sorcerers of the mountain of Sant Cebrià and will be sacrificed to the evil Sorcerer King Morden. This is the reason why Felix is the only one who can face him and give an end to the ancient darkness.

In a family that lives isolated under the rules of a capricious religion, the youngest daughter will be forced to get pregnant by her brother under pressure from her father.


Swiss mountain girl Heidi is abducted by brutal government troops and must defend herself and fight a war against a cheese-fueled machinery of hate.