Three motley friends, who base their economy on the loot they get by robbing houses, find themselves involved in a frantic race for survival. They hit the wrong house and are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to release a boy who was being held against his will in one of the rooms of the house.
They decide to take it with them and start a winding road back home by car. They stop at a gas station to refuel and a few kilometers later, a strange vehicle begins to chase them. After several attempts he manages to get them off the road. Recovering from the fright, the boy takes advantage of the confusion and flees. The driver of the pursuing vehicle does not give up and does not stop until he achieves his objective: to recover what is his.

Paul Carr
Iván Prados, , Laia Alberch, Cris Codina, Miquel Sitjar, Enric Ases, Cristina Pineda
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Paul Carr Miquel

Paul Carr began his audiovisual career making video clips and events. He founded the production company Deliris Films together with Aleix Robert and Júlia Cuyas with whom they make video clips and events, as in the beginning, but also advertising and corporate opening the range to a wide variety of audiovisual content. From Deliris Films, they look for ways to create fiction and begin to make short films with great passion.


Natalia, 2014; Entre trampas, 2019; Breathe, 2020; FELIZ ANIVERSARIO (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY), 2021


ScreenwriterAleix Robert, César Terradas
ProductionDeliris Films
EditionHernán Aloise


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