An energetic puppy named Noodle would like to play with his lazy kitten friend, MoeMoe,so he goes to make her some coffee. The caffeine kicks in and they both begin to play, however as the days go on. MoeMoe begins to act weird. After each cup she becomes more aggressive, fidgety and her eyes widen. Noodle is terrified of what his friend is becoming and decides to no longer make coffee for his friend. MoeMoe will not have this and threatens Noodle into giving her more, but there is no more coffee left. Noodle wants to save his friend. He trades his collar for some calming leaves he gets from a koala.

Festivals, awards and nominations

New York Festivals-Best Student Film; Reel Teal Film Festival-Best Animation & Audience Choice Award

Christopher Masuabi
country of origin
South Africa
production year
No dialogue
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Christopher Masuabi


ProductionThe Animation School