Spain. Year 1692. The Saint Inquisition is slowly declining and, as a reaction, its servants are more cruel than ever. An inquisitor has been looking for a perfect torture device able to grasp the purest face of pain and show the world how wrong it is to serve de Devil. "Facies", the new invention of an engineer, is a terrifying torture chair bound to success. But the designer's daughter, Elena, has different plans.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Premios Fugaz – CortoEspaña (España / Spain) [2022] – Mejor dirección de producción, mejor dirección de arte, mejor vestuario y mejor maquillaje y peluquería.
Concurso de Cortos Ayuntamiento de Laguardia-Biasteri (España / Spain) [2022] – Mejor actor secundario (Carlos Santos).
Fancine de Lemos (España / Spain) [2022] – Mejor cortometraje nacional.
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (SFFFF) (United States) [2022] – Mejor cortometraje de terror.
Fantosfreak – Festival de Curtmetratges Fantàstics i Freaks de Cerdanyola del Vallès (Spain) [2022] – Mención especial del jurado.
FICC CorteraFest – Premios Lobo (Spain) [2022] – Mejor guion.

Carlos Moriana & Raúl Cerezo
Daniel Ortiz, Daniel Ortiz, Carlos Santos, Lucía Díez, Elena
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Picture of Carlos Moriana & Raúl Cerezo

Carlos Moriana & Raúl Cerezo

Carlos Moriana (Madrid 1979) is a professional film maker and writer. His first professional short film is «La Habitación Blanca» (2019). «Facies» is his second short film. Raúl Cerezo (Madrid, 1976) is film maker, producer and writer. He founded the genre specific production company Eye Slice Pictures along with Helion Ramalho. He is relevant and well known in the world of Spanish short films and Spanish Fantasy and Horror.


ScreenwriterRaúl Cerezo & Javier Trigales
ProductionHelion Ramalho, Raúl Cerezo & Carlos Moriana
MusicJoan Vilà
EditionJosé ‘Jota’ García


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