Nancy works in a small gas station shop. Disillusioned, not even the news of an apocalypse seems to worry her. But the sudden arrival of a mysterious customer could change all that. Will Nancy finally find meaning in her life? Or in her death?

In the Philippines’ worst disease outbreak, the death toll rises uncontrollably as the mysterious sickness transforms its victims into undead monsters. After spending years in jail, a former elite soldier sees the outbreak as his chance to redeem himself. He treks through the dangerous, undead-infested city hoping to finally reunite with his family. But he quickly finds out that in a world of hunger, uncertainty, and desperation, the living can be just as dangerous as the undead.

Who needs capers in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? A waiter and his Mallorcan neighbor will answer this and other existential or perhaps not so existential questions.


The American Chicken Bunker, a military-themed fried chicken fast food chain, is setting up a restaurant on land that was formerly an Indian burial ground. From this moment, a curse will be unleashed in the place, releasing an epidemic that revives the chickens... in the form of zombies.


The sleepy town of Little Haven is overrun by a horde of the undead who threaten to crush their Christmas holidays. Anna and her friends will face the threat with all their might, surviving zombified snowmen, wild bachelor parties and rampaging teenagers. And they will still have enough strength to score some musical numbers!