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Talk: The state of Catalan cinema

Within the events of the Catalan Cinema Day, the Ç-Trencada Gala will feature a talk on the state of Catalan cinema. We will have the participation of the Ç-Trencada Jury, Competitive Section of the Festival, made up of Montse Majench, Olga Iglesias and Cris Gambín. And as moderator we will have producer Vibha Daryanani.

Picture of Montse Majench

Montse Majench

Degree in Information Science, member of the Acadèmia del Cinema Català, the European Film Academy, EFA and honor member of Dones Visuals. She was director of the Acadèmia del Cinema Català between 2011 and 2017, where she coordinated six editions of the Premis Gaudí.

Picture of Olga Iglesias

Olga Iglesias

“A Cinephile with no memory” Olga Iglesias. When I was a child I used to quarrel with my dad for the only TV set that we had at home: he wanted soccer, I wanted films. We reached a equitable agreement, he would watch one time of the match and I would watch a part of the film. To compensate, on the weekends my mum used to take me to the Atlántico, a film theatre in Barcelona where they used to premier Disney’s films, there I had my breakfast. This was my start in cinema… Teaching Certificat and specialised in Philology, I have been part of the FEDERACIÓ CATALANA DE CINECLUBS since 2007 as General Coordinator, Programming Activity Resonsible, project specialist and administration responsible, and coordinator of the relation with Festivals and Showcases as well as responsible of the project FilmoXarxa. Moreover, I have been founding member of the Cineclub Barcelona Espai de Cinema (BEC) and I am co-responsible of activities and programming of the cineclub. Last but not least, I complete my devotion to the seventh as Codirector of the Mostra “MIRADOCS. Mirades documentals de Barcelona” and Member of the Selection Commission of the “Mostra de Cinema Àrab i Mediterrani de Barcelona”.

Picture of Cris Gambín

Cris Gambín

Graduate in Journalism. She has been making short films and other audiovisual productions for more than 10 years at the independent film production company The Kill Screen Films. In 2018 we made our first feature film, the documentary Cinema amb Ç, which can currently be seen on the Filmin platform. Our productions have been selected in festivals around the world, with Zombiosi being our most notable success, with forty selections and twenty awards and recognitions. What I like most is creating stories, and seeing them grow later in the hands of the entire team. I am currently co-director of the FIC-CAT festival, together with Toni Pinel. I am a member of Dones Visuals, the Association of Women Filmmakers of Catalonia, a member of the Catalan Cinema Academy and a collaborator of the magazine El Cinèfil. The short “Cases d'algú” has passed through Molins, Baidefest, Sant Cugat Fantàstik.


SHORT FILMS: Cases d'algú (2021), Zombiosi (2018), Vincles (2017), Humans (2016), ANNA (2015), Entrecuento de Navidad (2013), Anima (2011) FEATURE: Cinema amb Ç (documentary, 2018)

Picture of Dra. Vibha Daryanani Melwani

Dra. Vibha Daryanani Melwani

Vibha Daryanani has formalized her audiovisual studies in England (University of Brighton), completing her doctoral thesis on Spanish film production in Barcelona (2017, Blanquerna) followed by the publication of the Low Cost Production Manual How to make your first film without dying in the attempt (2021, UOC Publishing). She has worked in various audiovisual production companies, advertising and event agencies in London, Paris, Barcelona and New York, developing advertisements, music videos, short films and feature films. She has also worked as a coordinator at film festivals such as ÉCU, The European Independent Film Festival in Paris, Musiclip Festival and Mecal, the Barcelona International Short Film and Animation Festival. Without forgetting that she has also been production manager for internal filming at the Cannes festival (2013), the Colors channel (India) and IIFA Madrid 2016 (Indian International Film Awards). She has also been Jurat Jove of the Sitges Film Festival 2016, Short of the Year Promofest 2017 and Craft Film Festival 2018. She was in charge of her production company Mango Lassi Productions in which she performed the functions of production and service production director. Most recently she has worked in publishing for The Wall Street Journal, production and sales of documentaries for English teaching with DLA, and management and sales of rights at Dorna for MotoGP. She currently works for DICOM Events.


Producer - Mama Who Am I (Short) - Manifest (Short) (completed) - 2020 Trevor - 2019 Meet the Karbastian (Short) - 2019 Luces de Gas (Short) - 2018 A Simple Room (Short) - 2018 Yo, Monstruo (Short) - 2017 Exile (Short) - 2016 e-Life (Short) Director - 2018 A Simple Room (Short) - 2018 Meraki TV 2018 (TV Mini Series) - 2016 e-Life (Short) - 2014 Your Princess Is in Another Castle (Short) Writer - 2016 e-Life (Short) Editor - 2016 e-Life (Short) Production manager - 2021 Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry (Documentary) (Barcelona) Additional Crew - 2015 #Freeyuyee (Documentary short)